Scam Mail from a Dubai(?) Scamster

I have seen a lot of emails from African scamsters and most of these usually land up in my Bulk box.
Today, my dad today received a similar scam email. However, what was surprising was the nature of it’s customization.

Firstly, the subject of the email addressed my dad by his first name.
Secondly, my Dad is in the Gulf and the “merchant” also happens to be from there (or so he claims). Mere coincidence?
Thirdly, my Dad is also very active religiously, and the person in the email is rather repents.

However, the contents of the email remain similar to most scams. Person being diagosed with cancer, has a lot of money, wants to give it to you … blah … blah …

Hello dear,

I am Mr. Lawson Rhodes, a merchant in Dubai, Arab Emirate. I have been diagnosed with Cancer which was discovered very late, due to my laxity in careing for my health. It has defiled all forms of medicine, Right now I have only about a few months to live, according to my Medical Doctor. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for myself but the oil business. Though I am very rich, I was never generous, I only focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world.

I believe when God gives me a second chance and heal me I would live my life a different way from how I have lived it. I have sowed a seed for my healing I have willed and given most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended family members and as well as a few close friends.

I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to give arms to charity organizations and give succour and comfort to the less priviledged of the Tsunami Victims, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations in India and Malaysia. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this my self anymore. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts in Saudi Bank and distribute the money which I have there to charity organization and to the less priviledged in Bulgaria and Sudan Africa They cashed the money but kept it only to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them already.

The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of twenty two million dollars $ 22 million that I have in the Vault of a Financial company in europe for safe keeping.

I want you to collect this deposit on my behalf and disburse it to the Tsunami EarthQuake victims in Asia for the less priviledged.

I will set aside 20% for you for your time and efforts. I need your urgent reply so that I will not have to go on sourcing for a credible person to handle this project.

If you are okey with the condition, do not hesitate to send me mail so that i can furnish you up with all the informations needed.

I wish to hear from you soon.

God bless you.

Mr. Lawson

Universia – Esse e o seu Universo.

Please note that this is a scam and if you receive something like this delete it immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Scam Mail from a Dubai(?) Scamster

  1. It’s a good thing this is a scam. I don’t think people should help this person with their plan to militarize charitable organizations (\”I have decided to give arms to charity organizations…\”) or did he mean \”alms?\”

  2. Well, well. Why is it that supposedly intelegigent, mature and God-fearing peoples fall for these scams. Why only a few days ago my company received an Email from a Nigerian Cosmonaut stuck in space for 14 years, and wanting to share his back pay and expenses amounting to Zimbawean Dollars 50 Million. Are people so stupid?? Or are they crazy like been out in the sun to long??

    there is a saying in my town — \”There is No fool Like an Old fool\” and \”A fool and their Money are soon parted\”!!

  3. I received a scam letter also. At first I replied because I just merely thought they sent an e-mail to the wrong person and I wanted to let them know that they may need to resend it to the correct person and to not send me any more e-mails. I then received this e-mail back…which I just deleted but I wanted others to see another example of a scam e-mail:

    Thanks alot for your response though you sound so angry may be you have been reciveing mails of this kind but I will want you to undesratnd one thing that i have never send this mail to you to hurt you in any way rather i have sent this only for your assistance which will be of our mutual benefit since you are a reasonable man that is the most reason why i want to do this transaction with you.

    Listen i am not forceing you rather i only need your help that is all.if u can not be of help there is no problem. but one thing you will bear in mind is that i dont need your money ,

    Like I told you on my previous message to you. This box containing the cash is deposited in a private security company here in Dubai UAE called Crystal Security and Trust Company. Where the signal has come for us to come for the claim of this fund.But since we are almost hostage here in the hand of my husband family members i dont know how i am going to leave here to Dubai for the claims.But i have sent a notice immediately i recieve your mail to the security company that my husbands foreign benefactor will be coming to Dubai for the release of the fund and they ask me to present your international passport ,telephone numbers which you refuse given me .
    Please i need the passport photocopy through email so that i will forward it to the security company immediately for them to be sure of my conversation with them today.And please i want to know if you are married or not but if married how many children did you have?Me and my children will be happy to meet with you soon any where in the world you surgest for investment because you are going to be father of my children since nobody care to take them as thier father.
    Please start arrangement to travel down to Dubai UAE because as soon as i send them your personal information,they will be inviting you to Dubai where i will release the SECRET CODE NUMBER to retrive the fund and there you will send us money to start our traveling document to meet with you in Dubai where we will plan to the best country of your choice where investment will be carryed on.

    I will be seriously waiting to hear from you sooner.

    May the Almighty God bless you are your family.

    Mrs.R Savimbi

  4. To Rev C:

    You’d be surprised just how many ‘fools’ are out there. I’ve seen reports that suggest that up to 1% of the internet population has been scammed online at least once.

    Many are a bit foolish, admittedly, though many more are brought up to be trusting people, especially the religious ones.

    Whilst they continue to be duped the number of scammers will continue to increase – some of these African scammers can make more from one mailshot and con than they can from working a whole year in their countries!

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