SCM Ratings and Pongal Lunch

Began the week with a in Advances in SCM on Tuesday (Monday was just another day). Our job was to rate the of any company in any sector.

We chose Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. We had to rate their Inventory Turnover, Asset Turnover and Cash-to-cash cycle time to arrive at the final rating.

Yesterday was Pongal, which is a festival celebrated by Tamils on the first day of Thai to mark the harvest. As part of Pongal, there was a special lunch organized with a huge variety of food, sweets etc.

Needless to say I ate a good deal :)

Spent the rest of the day in my room , catching up on reading and the usual. Asked my to pickup sandwiches from just as they did on Monday. Now, someone needs to go off to the city on Friday 😀

As part of Pongal, there was