SCMHRD Mumbai Meetup

Few of us from the SCMHRD 2007-09 from Mumbai met up on Saturday.

After nearly a week of deliberating the place and time in the Orkut Community, the venue was fixed as Pizza Hut at InOrbit, Malad.

We expected eight persons to turn up but two couldnt make it.

The eggitarian, Maulin arrived first and was joined by the veggie Ankesh.

They were soon joined by Murtaza and the three managed to capture a table for six before I arrived.

We needed that table for atleast an hour and so to kill time ordered a pitcher of iced tea.

Pushkar soon joined us and Trupti arrived just in time to help us devour the pizzas.

Ordering pizzas was definitely very easy as except for Maulin and Ankesh, the rest of us are proper carnivores and unfortunately for us our time is running out, as food at SCMHRD is only-veg (though they do serve eggs!).

SCMHRD Mumbai Junta
From left: Trupti, Murtaza, Maulin, Ankesh, Yours truly and Pushkar.

Topics ranged from brief introductions, laptops, jobs, prison, internet and starting a new forum for our notes and foundation course.

If any of you folks missed our meeting and would like it, do join the Orkut forum and this post. You can also comment below.

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  1. That’s great. I don’t think an Orkut Community experience would take place in North America, however, because other social network sites (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) have a much bigger user base. I hear that Orkut is a really big deal in your country and in several South American countries as well?

  2. That is true Dean. Though you have to note that the most users in Orkut are from Brazil, USA and India respectively.

    It’s just that myspace and facebook are bigger out there and here Orkut is a craze!

  3. hey there, kewl gang yaar!! well it must feel good to go to the campus with some known faces..!! so all set to start ur foundation course?? it was to start from april 2nd na?? All the best 🙂

  4. Interesting Orkut info. According to Orkut, the breakdown for users is Brazil 56%, USA 19%, India 14% and less than 2% for any other country. However, Alexa’s info (apparently Orkut bases their demographics on how a user lists their country, not IP address) lists Brazil at 70%, India at 17%, and the USA at 3%, again followed by less than 2% of anyone else.

    I think Alexa’s info reflects why only 3 friends of mine use Orkut. 🙂

  5. Actually there are a lot of factors to influence Alexa statistics so it can’t be the best judge of country-wise breakup.

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