Settling into the new House

I published last week that I was house hunting all of last weekend and I had managed to successfully locate and finalize a house in Koramangala, 4th Block.

We met the owner of the house on Thursday and finalized the deal. Our plan was to move in on Saturday, which was also the last day of our scheduled stay at the guesthouse.

So, early Saturday morning, after we settled our bills at the guesthouse, we hired cabs and headed to what will become our new home. I hired a Meru cab, which is more easily available here in Bangalore than in Mumbai, where you struggle to find one. It was a nice comfortable journey. At the same time, my goods from Mumbai also arrived. Was a little irritated that the boxes weren?t plastic coated like they were supposed to be and one box had broken open. The bike handle was also bent a bit. Will have to get this fixed. First, I got to get the road tax done. May also get the number changed, but that is at a later date.

After settling in, we decided to shop for mattresses which was a necessity. We first grabbed some lunch at the Pizza Hut in Forum and after that, we went over to Star Bazaar to pick up mattresses. Didn?t find them there, so the next stop was Big Bazaar. We found one there and others had a delivery period of a week, so we dropped that place. The next stop was Total Mall in Madiwala, where we finally purchased two Kurl-On mattresses and got them delivered home by night.

After we got back, we also realized (much to our stupidity), that there is a Kurl-On dealer five minutes from our house! That?s where we will pick up the remaining two mattresses.

Dinner was at The Rendezvous which is also where we had dinner tonight as well. Seems like this is going to become one of our favorite joints. We did tonnes of shopping at the Smart Mart that is located near our place. We are very pleased by the location because almost everything is available here.

Today was yet another visit at Star Bazaar. This time we totally intended to shop and picked up tonnes of goods, buckets and other items, that we fondly refer to as ?restructuring charges?.

I begin another work week tomorrow, which may be more than just five days long.

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  1. Hey Ajay,

    Not sure if you’ll remember me. i’ve commeted just twice i guess in the 4 years that i’ve been reading your and melody’s blog (quite unfortunate that she stopped bloging). Anyway, just wanted to say Welcome to Bangalore.

    shoot me a mail in case you have any doubts about bangalore. For starters there’s this nice small pub in kormangala called JAP (Just Another Pub.) tourist dont normally end up there. Its not big – but has nice music and food.

    Its near forum and Empire hotel. When you are going towards forum thru JNC and Empire hotel – you take the left after crossing Empire. You have to take a right turn and then the first left to reach JAP. Its just in the corner, on the 1st floor. Another decent pub is in Indiranagar – its called Stones. But it gets crowded on weekends.

    Have a good one,


    • Not much of a pubber, but a foodie, yes I am… I still am getting my bearings of Bangalore. Till now the most I have seen has been the road to and fro office and the few malls due to necessity. Someday…

      I’ll drop in an email whenever I need to find some place 😀

  2. Koramangla 4th block must be pretty darn expensive.
    Wish you good luck with your new property.

    btw: I never asked you, where do you work?

  3. Ajay this really a big problem for to haunt a room in other city.I really faced lot’s of time.Best way to find out a local broker.This is really helpful to me.

  4. Bangalore’s a nice place to be in. I am looking forward to come back to Bangalore and I have no idea when that would happen.

    And Koramangala is quite a costly place to live in and especially around HSBC office. Well if you are a non-veggie, then you are in for a treat – with ‘Empire’ in walking distance.

    Good luck with your job.


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