Sex or Internet? Which would you choose?

According to the survey by Harris Interactive, 46% of the women surveyed and 30% of the men surveyed said that they would abstain from sex over a two week period than lose access to their internet! View detailed results

11 thoughts on “Sex or Internet? Which would you choose?”

  1. You have got to be kidding me!
    I am a female that would give up the Internet and TV. Give me sex!!!
    You Women need to get a life!

  2. Well, sex depends with whom
    As far as Internet, just think about it, Internet gives you both, and you can have many partners at once in a safe way. Want something else, just open a new session 😉

  3. Like the majority of Americans, people rather sit on their butts instead of taking part in any type of physical activity, this proves the point that society is lazy and more unhealthy then ever.

  4. …i lived without internet for more than a month after Ike strikes north Texas, and i lived so happy…thanks God i have a great husband!!…i don’t need internet at all…i have better things to do during the day, specially with him ..a little is better but not all day long…to read news, to check my accounts, to buy some stuff, but is just for a while not for the life…so, i rather be with my husband and have great quality time….

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