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Site down 24 hours; Still debugging

I just got back from Pune (story in a seperate post) to find that my VPS has been disabled for CPU usage crossing 80%.

I’ve figured that this has to be a problem with this domain itself which resulted in this crazy usage.

Unfortunately, being in Pune I didn’t even know that the account was disabled.

The VPS is running and I’m currently working on figuring out what exactly caused this major problem

The two culprits I suspect is Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (which I installed last week) and UTW (which I patched sometime back).

I’ve disabled the former now and will monitor this usage over the next 24 hours and then the latter.

I hope to get the situation under control within 48-72 hours.
It’s almost 2am now and I think it is time to hit the bed. Hopefully, I will wake up with a happy server.

More news then.

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  • Ashish Mohta

    Thats is so true.Didnt knew the plugin can create so much of problem.And specially UTW the most favtd plugin.

    I am using a couple of plugins too, but as traffic is not that much so i am not aware of what is taking what.

    Good luck Ajay

  • Ajay

    I don’t think it is UTW. The load seems normal all of today.
    I think it is the Translator Pro with the Object Cache causing a problem. I’m working with Angsuman to get this solved.

    Will probably install WP-Cache 2 tomorrow and try if that works.

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