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So what are you doing this Christmas?

There’s 15 days for Christmas and I am sure while many have already decided what they will do, there may be many others who are still deciding!

I’ve fallen perfectly into the latter. Have quite a few options, though I just am not sure which option to follow.

For the past four years I have been spending Christmas and New Year with my choir. It has usually be low key affairs with private parties held at someone’s house. I never had a date nor did I know how to dance hence the rule-out of popular places like Willingdon or Bandra Gym.

Times have changed and now I do know how to dance (a bit). Unsure as to how I plan to spend the evenings, which might be with the choir. Melody made me a very tempting offer of Catholic Gym. Though, I am totally clueless of the days.

Another thing to worry about is that I can’t be so zonked that I can’t make it to work!

Anyway, moving away from me, what are you doing this Holiday Season? Do comment and let me know 🙂

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