So what are you doing this Christmas?

There’s 15 days for Christmas and I am sure while many have already decided what they will do, there may be many others who are still deciding!

I’ve fallen perfectly into the latter. Have quite a few options, though I just am not sure which option to follow.

For the past four years I have been spending Christmas and New Year with my choir. It has usually be low key affairs with private parties held at someone’s house. I never had a date nor did I know how to dance hence the rule-out of popular places like Willingdon or Bandra Gym.

Times have changed and now I do know how to dance (a bit). Unsure as to how I plan to spend the evenings, which might be with the choir. Melody made me a very tempting offer of Catholic Gym. Though, I am totally clueless of the days.

Another thing to worry about is that I can’t be so zonked that I can’t make it to work!

Anyway, moving away from me, what are you doing this Holiday Season? Do comment and let me know 🙂

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  1. 🙂 Glad it’s tempting at least! We still may end up at the Taj Land’s End (not sure yet on final plans) but will let you know!

    Enjoy yourself whatever you do!

  2. My exams will get over by Christmas and would get loads of time to chill with my friends.

    Apart from chilling & shopping, due to recent WordPress Themeomania bug that has bitten me I plan to release few themes this December.

    Let’s hope I am able to do that much this Christmas.

  3. Me will be away from HOME.
    Wrking, Real sad 🙁
    But will try to go for the service in Jerusalem, Lets see if things work out.

    U have fun as u always do.

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