So where have I been!

Actually nowhere.

I’ve just been so tied up that I haven’t posted anything about my personal life since a long long time!

The last two or more weeks have just been with work both at office and at home and a little bit of movie going!

Watched Brokeback Mountain on 17th March and when I ended up watching A History of Violence on 19th. The original intention was to watch The Producers, but the show was cancelled 🙁

Work has been less exhausting for the past two weeks, so I am happy about that. The next week is going to be a bit more hectic I feel.

Went off to watch Being Cyrus on 25th, didn’t get tickets and ended up watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Slow but a good movie when actually sat down and thought about it a week later.

Spent whole of the last weekend doing computer work. Was at Melody‘s place on Saturday and put up yet another website.
Spent Sunday at home working on a few of my sites 🙂

The last two days have had me in a dilema, because my site popularity has increased a good deal which has got me consuming a good amount of resources on the server.
Will be moving again, this time to a VPS within this week.

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  1. […] Went off for a shave today and my barber asked me if I look back to 2004 with happiness or sorrow. Looking back, I can see that despite the downs in my life, I have had a great year. Have done really well academically, started of work in an amazing company, have made so many new friends (though I did lose many), watched an amazing amount of movies and generally had a ball of a time. […]

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