Spyware, Trojans and Virii : A threat to security and privacy

Came across this which got me thinking.

I know how irritating it can be to be infected by either a virus, trojan or spyware.

I remember a time several years back when I was less computer literate than I am today and didn’t really bother much about security and privacy online.

I remember downloading software from the internet without even checking to see if they were spyware infected or not.

Must say I was always away from virii, except one instance, but was saved when ZoneAlarm popped up a warning about a program in the Recycle Bin trying to access the net!

However, as I became more aware, I realized the importance on privacy online.
Soon I got hold of Adaware and later on Spybot and soon afterwards Spyware Blaster.
Today the only privacy problems I face are cookies.

For browsing the internet I use Firefox or Maxthon or Opera, which in some extent helps protect my privacy.

Also have ZoneAlarm and AVG running on high protections. The free versions do a pretty good job.

Well, I’m relatively safe today. However, in case you feel your PC is infected, then MajorGeeks Forum has this post which will definitely solve your problem 🙂

It is a very detailed guide. I haven’t tried it myself, since I don’t have the need for it.
However, I am very sure it will clean your infected PC thoroughly.

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