Structural Changes

Was planning on getting this done by Jan 1, but was unable to do so.

Have been working slowly behind the scenes to change some things about this blog.

5 posts on index

For one, I have reduced the number of posts displayed on the index page in order to speed up initial loading time. (used the Custom Query String plugin for this). The archives still show the default ten posts per page. Support Forums

Secondly, the Support Forums are now open. It is powered by Simple Machines.
These will be used exclusively for any support related issues for my plugins, themes and hacks.
I will not be answering any support related questions in the comments.

You will need to register at the forums in order to post.


Thirdly, I have added an Articles page. This is currently empty, but it will contain links to articles that I have written over time.
Additionally, I intend to write more articles on various topics. These will be updated here.

Quick Links

Fourthly, I have added a quick links section in the sidebar. This is to provide direct access to various pages.


Lastly, would just like to iterate that you can subscribe to the various RSS feeds offered by this site. Currently there are two feeds, one for all the posts on this blog and another exclusively for Connections Reloaded related posts.
I will also be adding an RSS Feed for the Support Forums in due course.

That’s about it for now.

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