Sunday Again

Just got back from mass today.

We sang again without the music, but this time our performance was a lot lot better. Very few mistakes.

Today’s mass and sermon were excellent. Clayton informs me that the celebrant was Fr. Godfrey of Prafulta, the councelling center in my school.

He spoke on looking forward to the future, living the present while keeping the past purely as a piece of nostalgia.

He enlightened the importance of lent with a story about two brothers who were estranged due to minor issues and how a carpenter bridges the gap (literally) between the two.:grin:

As usual, I did the hymn announcements etc for mass and is a pleasurable experience.

A great start to the week!

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  1. I think this is the most refreshing web page i have ever come across!!!
    By the way, does the comments of a total stranger count for anything?? Just wondering….
    I hope you have a great week and just remember, I AM the original AJ so 😛

  2. Yes your comments do count. Also, your not much of a stranger now 😉

    Thanks for the comments, but sorry I am the original AJ 👿

  3. aaww thanks aj, makes me feel better to say alot of nonsense to u hehe
    its ok not to be the original aj, u will get usd to it 😉

  4. hey aj its aj here…just wanted to say hello and see how ur doing 🙂
    hope ur enjoying ur day/night and hope to see u reply to this message 😛

  5. oh no no i am so sorry, I AM the original AJ, i was born before both of u…which means i existed before u and therefore I AM the original AJ.
    thank u, thank u 😛

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