Sunday – Mass and the Hub

Had two masses today viz. in the morning was the regular 9.30am mass. Picked up bread on the way home to have bread and eggs.
Well it turned out to be brunch and I had to skip lunch as a result.

Spent the rest of the day working on my WordPress Theme after which I got ready for the wedding mass we were singing for at Atma Darshan.

The mass started really late and got over even later. Was backed with a very powerful homily by the lead Celebrant, a Fr. Angelus Anthony. He preached on making the C.R.O.S.S. the center of your marriage. I can’t remember the O part of the acronymn 🙁 but the rest is below…
C – Christ
R – Respect, responsibility
O – ???
S – Service
S – Sacrifice

After mass we went off to McDonalds at The Hub in Jogeshwari.

Well the place was really crowded and I guess it really needs to get better organized, especially the parking!

Anyway, Madam A wanted to come with me on the return journey (Amita has insisted on coming with me on our trip there). I decided to go take a look at the Hub to see how much it has developed since the last time I was here.
Well, it’s improved quite a bit, though it still has a long way to go.

Walked into Vijay Sales for the heck of it and walked out with a LG HealthGuard vacuum cleaner :O
Got quite a great deal and a Reebok bag (if it is original 😉 )

LG Healthguard

Got back home, assembled it and got down to cleaning the sofas, chairs and my computer. Will work on the rest this week before my folks get back.

It’s back to work tomorrow. This time no holidays during the week 😐

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