• Site Activity

    My Visitors are from USA

    Ok, not all of them, but a great chunk of them are. Alexa recently updated their Traffic Stats page to include country information as well as reach. Though I am an Indian Blogger, this blog has nearly 40% of its visitors coming from the USA. My server logs show me around 50%. I am surprised though that the number of visitors in India are only 5% and are fourth in the list of countries. Guess very few of my own country members want to read this blog! What did surprise me is the Traffic Rank which seems to be highest in Belgium at 14,000! India follows with around 16,000 which…

  • Personal

    2006 – I think it was Good

    Looking back at 2006, I think the year went well. It has been a very healthy year for my blog for sure. I hit into the top 100,000 websites on Alexa and today stand in the top 50,000. Good achievement for a small blog of a small person on the WWW 🙂 But, I do have a very very fluctuating rank as you can see in the graph above. I know a lot of users believe that Alexa is flawed, and i think so too, but at the end of the day, its the rank that gets the advertisers!

  • Site Activity

    16,752 – That is what I rank today!

    Since the release of my two plugins in the past two days, my site has seen a good traffic surge. Unforunately, neither of these have been dugg or redditted so far so it’s not that much. It was sufficient to get me a great rank on Alexa for today, viz. 16,752. This is the second highest rank ever (I had 13,000 once before). So would you like to advertise here?

  • Personal


    That’s what my rank is today. After a lot of waiting my website has crossed into the top 50000 of Alexa Traffic Rankings. Thanks to all my visitors who made this possible. Can you push me up still further?

  • Computers & Technology

    In the top 100,000!

    Just broke into the top 100,000 websites as per Alexa’s Traffic Rankings. I have been trying to achieve this for long and finally. I’m hoping this website gets a lot more popular and rises still further. Will be creating new stats pages on this site for your ready perusal.

  • Computers & Technology,  Personal

    Am I gettting more famous?

    My traffic rank at Alexa.com seems to be rising steadily. In the last six months this site has jumped by over 2 million ranks and today is in the top 700,000 based on the last three months average. The last one week average is well under 500,000 :O 😀 Just goes to show that my blog seems to be getting rather popular. Well I won’t fool myself in thinking they are here about me because my stats show that but for a few regular readers, the majority of people are here because of my themes, plugins and hacks for WordPress. But if you are a regular reader, please do make…

  • Computers & Technology

    Interesting searches

    I have been checking my StatCounter Results to monitor the popular pages on my site as well as search keywords being used to reach here not to mention several other statistics. Realized that people are searching for Ajay and landing up here (don’t know if it is for me). So I decided to run a search for Ajay and was shocked to find my website topping the list when searching using Google India. Have been number one on Yahoo! Search for quite a while now, but never on Google, so this kind of thrilled me even though its not Google.com. Here are some search results for various keywords: Search for…

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