• AutoClose v2.0.0 settings
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    AutoClose v2.0.0

    I’ve released a major update to Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks a.k.a AutoClose v2.0.0. The last update to this plugin was in 2015 and this has continued to work with the newer versions of WordPress. Autoclose is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on your posts. You also have some buttons that let you delete post revisions, delete pingbacks and trackbacks. I was cleaning up broken links on Techtites and realised most of these were pingbacks and trackbacks. I wanted an easy way to just delete them all! Hence, AutoClose v2.0.0. You’ll need to reactivate the plugin The plugin file…

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    Auto-Close Comments v1.5

    I pushed through an update of Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks, the simple WordPress plugin that allows you to close comments, pingback and trackbacks on all your posts at the click of a button! And, v1.5 adds support for all custom post types. So, you no longer need to worry about those comments on some of your old custom post type posts. If you’re an existing user of Auto-Close, you’ll be able to update it from within your WordPress Admin area and if you’re not, then just head over to Plugins > Add New and search for “autoclose”. As usual, if you’re looking for support, please create a new ticket…

  • Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks
    Plugins,  WordPress

    Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks v1.4

    When Jeff asked if there was a plugin that lets you easily close trackbacks and pingbacks on old posts, I pointed him to a very ancient version of Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks. Is there a plugin that does this? http://t.co/ipk6JAs2ZW where is it? — Jeff (@jeffr0) March 12, 2014 It was so old and threw up all kinds of warning messages that I decided that the plugin needed a massive clean up to get rid of all deprecated code and PHP warnings. I give you v1.4 of the plugin. It has a brand new admin interface while providing you the very same configuration settings. The plugin will automatically close comments,…

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    Auto-Close – Now configure Posts and Pages separately

    By popular request, I’ve updated Auto-Close with two new features. The first one is the ability to close comments and pings on posts and pages separately. There are separate checkboxes for both of them. So, now you don’t need to enter the page IDs. The other feature is two new buttons, one to open all comments and the other to open all pings. What do you think of these features? What else would you like to see in this plugin?

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    Auto-Close updated to v1.2

    I have updated my plugin Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks with one feature addition. You can now choose to delete post revisions. Selecting this option will delete all post revisions in your WordPress database. Post Revisions were introduced in version 1.6 and in my opinion are absolutely useless unless you operate your blog as a wiki. But, do you? I also fixed a minor bug where the scheduled cron was not deleted when you reset the plugin settings to default. Lastly, the plugin now comes with its own uninstall code. Deleting the plugin from the Plugins screen of WP-Admin will delete all options from the database. Existing users can upgrade…

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    WP-Plugin: Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks

    From my experience, one thing that most spammers do is try to post comments, pingbacks or trackbacks on your extremely old posts. If you are not monitoring the comments, pingbacks or trackbacks on your site properly, you will not even realize that these have been posted. Many a times, you would not want anyone to post a comment or a pingback on an extremely old post, especially on personal blogs. WordPress has no inbuilt system of closing comments on old posts. This is where the plugin steps in. Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks will close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on your post automatically at intervals set by you. You can…

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