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When Elvis called me up last week telling me he wanted to throw a surprise party for his fiance Delilah I agreed to play along 🙂

Delilah celebrated her birtyday on 16th April, Easter Sunday. The party was planned at Out of the Blues in Bandra. I haven’t been there before, so picked up Melody (who was chief coordinator) and headed off to the place.

Elvis brought Delilah out there a little while later. But before that she had spent a rather fuming day because Melody told her that the birthday wasn’t important and another pal didn’t bother to call up!
I will not try to imagine how angry Delilah would have been if that were true!

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Birthday Stories

I have been so very tied up with work that I haven’t even had time to blog about my birthday. Well, now that I have sat down for it, my birthday was on 16th August 🙂

The birthday began on 15th August at 11.58pm itself when my office pal Abhijeet Jana called up to wish me.

Soon after he put down the phone James called up to wish me. Decided to go off to bed immediately after this and so switched my cell off. Well, I do have to get up everyday at 6am :O

Just as my eyes closed my land-line rang out loud breaking the silence of the night!

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James’ birthday : A treat

Had choir practice yesterday evening.

Only a few turned up for practice. We had to practice for two masses, viz. the mass at Carmelite convent today (which was celebrated by Cardinal Ivan Dias) and the regular Sunday mass tomorrow.

James gave us a treat for his birthday which he celebrated on 11th.

Besides patties, chips and cold drink, he picked up a chocolate cake from Birdy’s and I just love chocolate cake 😀

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