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Finally on WordPress.com

Atlast patience paid off and I received a “golden ticket” for WordPress.com. I wasn’t aware at first however a while back Vamsi suggested that I dedicate this blog to my wordpress themes, plugins and hacks. I think I am going…

Preventing Blog Spam

Update: This tutorial is now superceded by A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Blog from Spam. Comment spam is something every blogger is really really afraid of. Over the past two years that I have been using WordPress this is…

Cleanup my blog

Finally got down to removing what I felt unnecessary on this blog. These include the Newsletter which I added recently. Instead of using the Newsletter, I feel a better way to keep in track with the blog is to use…

WordPress 1.5.2 Released

Have upgraded both mine and Melody’s blog to the latest version of WordPress 1.5.2. Owen has posted a list of changes in plain English and is a worthwhile read before you upgrade. Waiting for 1.6 now…

Transpose Email Plugin v1.2 Released

I have released v1.2 of Transpose Email plugin. The code remains same. Just a few minor corrections in the readme and the writeup on the plugin page. (Thanks to Dean for pointing this out)

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