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Why blogging is good for your career?

Had posted about C|Net’s article on why blogging is bad for your career. Found this link, which tells you just the opposite. Final judge, jury and executioner will have to be your company 😛

Upgraded to WordPress 1.5

Have upgraded to WordPress 1.5 as of Monday. It comes with Kubrick as the default template, which doesn’t really go well with the site. So will sit over the weekend to learn the new template system and make my own…

Comment spam and trackback spam

Have been getting a lot comment and trackback spam both on this blog as well as the blog of my friend Melody. My blog is powered by WordPress, but I have b2evolution running for her. Have added a lot of…

Pluggin’ WordPress

Been adding a few plugins to WordPress. Just installed the Advanced Contextual Search for WordPress. Didn’t follow all the instructions, so have activated only the fuzzy search option. Also did my own hack to the quicktags.js file to add the…

WordPress Upgraded

Upgraded my blog to the lastest version of WordPress viz. 1.2.2. Quite a few bug and security fixes in this version, so this was kind off a necessary update. Also decided to change the theme of the blog. So, this…

New Blog and New site

Finally AjayDSouza.com has come online 🙂 The site is still in its preliminary stages. I have to still add the tutorials and dreamweaver section. But the rest of it is online 🙂 I had to move the blog however. I…

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