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    WP-Plugin: Digg Integrate

    The “Digg This button” is for website and blog publishers that want to encourage their audience to submit or digg their content on Digg. Join thousands of sites that have already added Digg This and seen their content exposed to the Digg community. The Digg Integrate plugin will allow you to quickly insert the Digg This Button on your blog. By adding <!--digg--> to your post, you can add the button. Alternatively, use the quicktags button to add the code. It either display the number of diggs or display a submit button depending on whether your post is submitted or not. Read more and download

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    Why The Digg Mafia Will Cost Kevin Rose Millions!

    Digg.com was one of the social networking/blogging successes of 2006, but recently it’s star has started to dim as people have started to question the efficiency of its voting system, that has actually resulted in a small minority, the ‘Digg Mafia’ deciding what makes it onto the homepage or not, rather than the wider userbase. Read the rest of my article on Techtites and digg it 😉

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    Some Changes. What do you think?

    I have been making quite a few changes to this blog for the past few weeks now. Feed Changes Feed Redirection Began first by redirecting my blog feed /feed/ to the Feedburner one. So even if you have been subscribing to /feed/ you will be redirected correctly and I have better ways of keeping a count of everyone subscribed. Read how I did it. Feed Flare Next customization was with the Feedburner Feed itself. Have utilized FeedFlare. You can now digg the post and/or view the number of diggs. Also choose to track the comments with co.mments. Also Add to del.icio.us or email your friend 🙂 What other flares would…

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    Popularity warrants change?

    I will not agree with this statement always but in this case I will. When I posted What is so special about this photo? I didn’t expect it to get as popular as it turned out to be! For one it made it as the No. 1 post on Reddit.com with 299 ups and 26 comments at the time of this post. Missed a screenshot at no. 1, but on the left is no. 2

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