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    Top Donor #2

    The Top Donor Club, the elite-I-give-you-50-bucks-you-give-me-link club, just inducted its second member. He is Robert Jacobi of Baufinanzierung. Well, the site is in German so I can’t tell you much about them. Though, if you do speak German, a translation would be great 🙂

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    Donation #14

    Thank you Dan for your donation of $20. Says he: Great suggestions, thanks! I knew I could make the changes necessary myself, I just wanted to make sure it was OK to use your theme as a template and give you something for creating it. I appreciate the SEO tip, wasn’t aware of that one :). For the background, Dan contacted me to check out the changes he made to my theme. He has done a good job to make it fit perfectly into his Hardware Blog.

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    Donation #13

    Thank you Michael for your donation of $10 for my Connections Reloaded theme. Says he: Best theme for wordpress bar none Well, that made two donations in a day. Anybody want to make that a hat-trick?

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    Donation #10

    Thanks to Kevin Morriss for his donation of $10. Says he: Thanks for the theme. I’ve been using it about a year and just uploaded the new one. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for the donation Kevin. Glad to know you have chosen to stick to my theme for so long 🙂 Do spread the word about it.

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    Donation #9

    Thanks to Lai Cheng Kiat for his donation of $1.23 This donation is not much but just to express my appreciation towards your contribution of making a good theme. Keep up yr good work. PurpleRain from Malaysia. Hi PurpleRain, no donation is “not much” because it is great when someone appreciates your work 🙂

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    Connections Reloaded Credit Line

    I have noticed that a lot of users of my theme Connections Reloaded are removing the credit line in the footer. While I can’t stop you from doing this, I can request you not to. I am not making anything out of the theme except for a few donations which some of my generous users have given. If you would like to remove the credit line, please consider a donation of atleast USD50. Once again this is not a charge for a theme but merely an appreciation for my work. Clicking the buton below will lead you to the Paypal page where you can send your donation. Thanks, Ajay

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    Donation #8

    Big thanks to Josue Salazar of SonneX Hosting for his donation of $5. He said: Ajay, i don’t even use your theme, but saw you were on $95 with donations, and $100 looks better, so there you go. Keep it up mate. Thanks for the donation Josue. 100 is a great number. Sometime, I hope to add another zero at the end 😉

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    Donation #7

    Big thanks to Conor O’Neill for his donation of $15. He left a short and sweet note: Thanks for a great theme Ajay. Thanks for the donation. It feels great to wake up, check your email and see a donation with a thank you note about your work 🙂

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