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    Life this past week

    If there is one thing a geek needs, then it is a good internet connection. Now, that is one thing that has always eluded me and there is no chance of it changing in the near future! That is one of the reason this blog has seen absolutely no updates for a long long time. The past week and more can be summed up as follows: Choir Practice has been on in full force for Good Friday. We’ve had practice four times in the last week and things are shaping up. Had to sing for a funeral mass on Thursday at the Oshiwara Cemetery. Few of us from the choir…

  • Computers & Technology,  Plugins,  WordPress

    Bad Behavior vs. Exatt

    The latest version of Bad Behavior i.e. 2.0.6 includes a new check where it looks up various blacklists. A new blocking method using realtime blackhole lists is being used to determine if a post originates from a known spam source, open proxy, etc. GET requests are not screened. Links are provided to blackhole list removal procedures through the fix it yourself link. And my “darling” ISP Exatt has all its IPs blacklisted across most of these blacklists. A direct consequence is that I get blocked out of commenting on my own blog. I had to switch back to 2.0.5. Unfortunately, I am blocked out from commenting of a good number…

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    Problems with my Internet

    Have been facing really pathetic internet connections this past two days. As per my experience with Exatt, when it is down it is down and when it works it works. Will admit that the uptime has improved considerably the past few months, but I think they are going back into the pit again. The last time I faced a major problem was back in July. This time, the net went down on Wednesday night. It connected perfectly but there was some problem from their server … gateway failure they called it. Usuall this gets resolved quickly, but this time it didn’t get resolved till yesterday (Thursday) evening, or so we…

  • Computers & Technology

    Exatt Sucks! Big Time!

    If you want a crappy internet connection, which is always down. If you want to get fleeced of your money time and again for a “broadband” connection then go for Exatt. If you think Sify is bad, then you need to shift to Exatt to find the pathetic. Sify atleast at customer service. Exatt doesn’t care two hoots about their customer. It’s all about making money. They lack professionality and respect. You can never get through to their support and the only way you can ensure that your work gets done is by actually visiting their office and shouting at them. And then again, they are so used to customers…

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    Sunday se Tuesday tak

    Am home early and typing this entry once again because EXATT SUCKS! As I mentioned earlier, I began Sunday by waking nice and late at 10.30am. Went over to Melody‘s house to help her mom. She needed some data to be restored to her Sony Ericsson P910i. What I expected to be easy, turned out to be a project in itself! Strangely the backup and restore software that comes in the cell refused to work! After a lot of research online and a good deal of R&D, I was finally able to restore her contacts list to her new phone. Left her place around 9.30pm. Plans with Madam A didn’t…

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    I’ve been really irritated these past few days. Not just one thing in particular but a lot of things combined. For one my net keeps conking off every night. I thought the shift to Exatt would have helped, but seems far from it X-( Next, I found out that I forgot my bag and tiffin box in the bus on Friday. On Monday found out that people even rob rundown bags and dirty tiffins! On the brighter side, Mom bought a new four-tier hot case today. 🙂 Few other personal reasons, I won’t mention here have been a cause for stress. Haven’t been keeping too well lately. I guess I…

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