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    Add to Feed and Add to Footer v1.3

    I released v1.3 of Add to Feed and Add to Footer plugins for WordPress. Existing users should be able to upgrade directly from within their Dashboards. Add to Feed is a feed enhancement plugin that allows you to easily add a copyright notice and custom text/HTML to your WordPress blog feed. The custom text can be entered before and/or after the content of your blog post. Add to Footer allows you to add any HTML or JS code to the footer for your WordPress theme. This ensures that you don’t need to keep adding the same code in case you change your theme. Simply enter the settings once and you’re good to…

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    [New WordPress Plugin] Add to All

    Add to All is a powerful plugin that will allow you to add custom code or CSS to your header, footer, content or feed. Add to All comes with out of the box support for Google Analytics, Statcounter, Kontera, with other third party services in the pipeline. With this plugin installed, you do not need to edit your theme files every time you switch themes. You can also add custom CSS styles to your header as well as any HTML code to the header or footer of the theme. The plugin gives you the power to add content to your feed in addition to adding a copyright notice. This is…

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    Add to Feed WordPress Plugin updated to v1.1

    I have updated my plugin Add to Feed. Add to Feed is a simple feed enhancement plugin that allows you to add custom text or HTML to posts in your WordPress blog feed. You can add text before the content and/or after the content as well as a copyright message. All these can be customized. As per user requests, I’ve added another feature to the plugin. The plugin now displays a link to the post in the feed. Henceforth, if someone scrapes your feed, then atleast you will get a link back. It will also help you track down any offenders because you would most likely get a pingback /…

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    WordPress Plugin: Add to Feed

    Add to Feed is a WordPress feed enhancement plugin. As of now, Add to Feed allows you to add a copyright notice to your feed. Besides this, you can also add custom text / HTML to your feed. This can be added before and / or after your post content. Add to Feed is still a major work in progress and I plan on adding features to the plugin to help enhance your feed still further. What features would you like to see? Comment below. Read more about Add to Feed or download it from WordPress Plugin Repository.

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    New Support Forum

    I recently moved all my sites onto my VPS and noticed that the Support Forum broke. Repeated attempts to fix the same were useless. So, instead of reinstalling SMF, I decided to give a shot to bbPress. For those who are not aware, bbPress is forum software from the creators of WordPress. bbPress includes complete support for integration into WordPress. However, I haven’t utilized that feature since I don’t have registrations on this blog. bbPress allows you to create new themes (something that I may work on in the future) as well as extend its functionality with plugins. I’ve installed a few that I thought were essential. I’ve created two…

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    We’ve Moved. Update your Feed Reader now!

    In order to tap the potential for Google Adsense for Feeds, I decided to move to Google’s feedproxy service. As a result, our feed url has changed. The old feed url has been deleted and is currently being redirected. If you are subscribed to my FeedBurner feed, then please update your feed reader. The URL to subscribe to is https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/. Subscribing to this URL will ensure that any updates at our end will not affect you. If you prefer to receive feed updates via email then please use the following form:

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    Planet Ajay served Piping Hot!

    About a week back I created a new feed that collates five of my feeds. This was done with the help of FeedBlendr. It is a good service, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The feed work but it seemed to give a problem with Feedburner. I decided to give Yahoo! Pipes a shot as I originally intended to. The interface is easy to use but it doesn’t look at all welcoming. I haven’t let a single interface to this date benumb and I don’t intend to let Yahoo! Pipes be the first! Got down to understanding how Yahoo! Pipes actually works and I was shocked to…

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    New Feed; No more MBL Recent Visitors

    I’ve been pondering about a way to offer a single feed that will take into account all the different feeds that I publish. Planet Ajay I’ve been searching for services that offer this but will confess I’ve been largely unsuccessful. I ran across Feedblendr which aims at establishing just that. I’ve combined the following feeds: Main Blog Feed Comments Feed Podcast Ajay on WordPress Support Forum The new feed is served by Feedburner as usual and I’ve chosen to call it Planet Ajay. It’s also set to auto-discovery, so you’re browser or feed reader can pick it up. Planet Ajay is perfect for readers who are subscribed to all my…

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    Things I have Changed Here

    The past two months has seen a lot of changes to this blog. For one, I’ve changed the look yet again and have also added and removed a few other features. Cosmetic Changes I got rid of the header. With the new theme, the header looked totally out of place and occupied a good amount of surface area. The cosmetic changes have also worked well for adsense, which has doubled, but again not as much as what most others are making! However, for those interested in advertising on this blog, you’ll now have you ads well above the fold! New Comment Feed I’ve been asked by many to include a…

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    Problem with Feedburner Feeds

    There seems to be a problem with Feedburner on this site. All my feeds are throwing up a 500 error. I’ve written to their support team and am expecting a reply. I’ve removed the redirect from the .htaccess and it hasn’t solved the problem as well. So, if you are subscribed to https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/ then you should continue to see this site normally. If you are subscribed via the direct feedburner link, I request you to change the same to https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/. Once, things are resolved with Feedburner, I will put back the redirect. Update: Seems to have resolved itself. I’ve put the updates back. Do let me know if you face…

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