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    [Movie Review] Noah (or maybe no! ah!)

    I saw the promos of Noah and decided it was a movie that was definitely worth watching. And I was wrong. If you’ve read the story of Noah from the Book of Genesis, you’ll agree with me. The movie borrows its story line from the actual story in the Bible and then throws in its own “masala” to end up telling a story that even more unbelievable and really painful. This could possibly be because the real story is short and they needed some fillers. But, throwing in some fallen angels was a joke! I like Russell Crowe as an actor, but this movie could have definitely received a bit more…

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    Rainy Sunday

    It’s been raining all day today. Infact, it has just continued since yesterday. Woke up, found it raining and went back to bed. Stayed at home all day long while the rains came down outside. Reports have it that as usual Mumbai suburbs went under water. Did set off in the afternoon, but plans got cancelled and I came right back 🙂 Also spent a good deal of the morning and afternoon cleaning up my computer stuff. Threw away around a 100 CDs! Went for the 6pm mass. We were singing. And now, I’m watching WWE: The Great American Bash Gonna make sure I don’t stay up too late tonight.…

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    Leaving…and the story afterwards

    We are leaving work today at 3.00pm What I wonder now is what time will I actually reach home. I’m sure my internet at home is not working, so I may post feedback tomorrow… Not only was the internet down, but also the electricity in the area was turned off. We left and I was able to get a nice picture of the skyline outside our campus as you can see on the right. (Hint: Can be used as wallpaper) The journey home was quick because there was absolutely no traffic on the roads. BEST buses had stopped plying and most people were at home. Had to walk home through…

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    Monday in the rains

    Woke up early Monday morning to find that the rains had only worsened. It has been pouring right from Saturday morning, so I have no doubt that a good portion of Mumbai is flooded. Finding a rickshaw was extremely difficult. Finally managed to convince a guy. Had to take a different route because M.I.D.C. area was badly flooded. I’m surprised how Sakshi manages to travel every single day to MIDC. She has to go through lot more waterlogged areas on her way from Juhu. I was fully clad in my new rain jacket and the rain pants as well as my floaters so I remained very dry all the way…

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    Another 26th July?

    It has been raining right since Sunday morning, and it has been pouring all through Sunday night to Monday morning. Can still hear the thunder and rain outside as I get ready for work. While I have to go to work, I’m well aware that most of the roads in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are going to be flooded. Travelling is going to be a nightmare. I’m just hoping for the good of Mumbai, we don’t face another 26th July.

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    Rains in Mumbai again

    Mumbai was once again hit by torrential rains yesterday as well as today. Didn’t know if there would be office and so decided to go to the bus stop and see. Waited in the heavy rains for a good amount of time and just as I was about to turn back, the bus arrived. Attendance at office today was very poor and the rains just kept increasing and so they left us immediately after lunch. Ride home was quick and the roads were pretty much empty and I reached home within an hour and a quarter. Now for a good naps sleep…

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