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    Another 26th July?

    It has been raining right since Sunday morning, and it has been pouring all through Sunday night to Monday morning. Can still hear the thunder and rain outside as I get ready for work. While I have to go to work, I’m well aware that most of the roads in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are going to be flooded. Travelling is going to be a nightmare. I’m just hoping for the good of Mumbai, we don’t face another 26th July.

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    Manholes – Day 11

    And my report continues. Not much development in the manholes. It hasn’t gotten worse from yesterday nor has it gotten better. Manhole 1 – Day 11 Manhole 3 – Day 09 Additionally the road situation on the junction has just worsened. Horrible traffic, bad roads, this is Mumbai!

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    Manholes – Day 10

    Missed day 09 because I was late for the bus and wasn’t able to snap a pic. However, didn’t miss that much, as Day 10 wasn’t a disappointment at all. Manhole 1 has broken still further. There is nothing left of it. Manhole 3 has worsened still further thanks to road work just adjacent to it. What surprises me is that there was no work being done on Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) morning, the road was all dug up :O Do they work fast or what! Pics below for you to see. Do you folks also have similar scenes in your neighbourhood? Tell me about it.

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    Manholes – Day 08

    This is the follow up post from Manholes – Day 03. As I said, I wasn’t able to take pictures of days 04 to 07. However, the BMC hasn’t disappointed me. When I arrived at my stop today, both the manholes in a worse state since that day. Here’s Manhole 01 on the eight day: And Manhole 03 on it’s sixth day: As you can see this has broken down still further. One of the two covers has gone missing and there is water all around the manhole. What’s worse about this manhole is that it is exactly at a right turn, which makes it difficult for vehicles to maneuver…

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    A Nightmare in Public Transport

    Had to attend my Grandma’s birthday party last evening and since my bike was giving problems I decided to use public transport to get back home from work. Left my workplace a little after 3.30pm and hitched a ride with a colleague heading towards Thane. His plans changed and I had to get off at Rabale and find a bus or auto heading towards Airoli. For those who aren’t aware, the transport in Navi Mumbai SUCKS! After a good deal of waiting I a 513 arrived and I jumped in as it heads towards Mulund.

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    Manholes – Day 03

    Following up on my post, we enter the third day. The condition of Manhole 01 hasn’t changed much since yesterday, but neither has it been repaired. And I found another manhole nearby in a much worse state! I won’t be able to get feedback for Day 03 to Day 07, because of a two day training programme I have to attend, plus the weekend. Hopefully, the manholes would be repaired by Monday.

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    Manholes – Day 02

    This is a follow up of my yesterday’s post and developments on the same. The first manhole has broken still further, while the second has been repaired. I wonder why they didn’t repair both :-S Will keep you updated on the status of the first…

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    Manholes – Day 01

    The place where I catch my bus every morning near J.B. Nagar has two manholes. A few months back one of the manholes broke a bit and within the next two days it had crumbled completely. Instead of it being repaired I found stones around the manhole. It did get repaired finally. I missed photographs then, but this time the story repeats. Found both manholes have developed small holes and this time took the needed pictures. Here is the first (the one which broke last time): Click the thumb to view the full pic. And this is the second: If you look closely at the picture, there is one glaring…

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    Hindustan Times @250/yr

    Mom just subscribed to the Hindustan Times Corporate Offer @ 250. You get an annual subscription of Hindustan Times for only Rs. 250/- plus a Tupperware kit (good one, I personally checked this out 😉 ) I don’t know how good the newspaper is. Reading the Economic Times consumes a good amount of my travelling time, so I don’t think I will get much chance reading yet another newspaper! On a lighter note, selling the newspaper you collect over the year as raddii (scrap) will give you approximately Rs. 300, which means you get to read the paper and also make a profit out of it! 😉 :O Now, where…

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    Hutch Network gone to the dog?

    Firstly my apologies to dog lovers. Am just using the phrase. Ever since Hutch took over Orange in Mumbai, the future doesn’t seem so bright anymore! Besides getting rather erratic signal, I’ve experienced loads of cross connection problems. And this hasn’t happened to just me! What is even more surprising is that a full signal drops several units the moment I answer a call! Technology usually gets better with time. Here we are actually seeing a drop in performance! I’ve been using Hutch for over five years now and this number for two, and so am a little reluctant to shift 🙁 But, if I have to, I will! Let…

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