• Computers & Technology

    Ajay D’Souza – Netvibes Translator

    Had expressed interest in translating Netvibes. Got the invitation today for the same. The languages available are Hindi, Marathi and Tamil. However, the catch is that the language has to be in written in their respective fonts. Well I don’t know Tamil so that rules it out and my Marathi could well do with some brushing up. So I have started translating the Hindi portion, atleast whatever I am able to so far. I was able to find a good English to Hindi font, so to say website called QuillPad. It works via phonetics. e.g. you can type kya kar rahe hain aap? which means What are you doing? and…

  • Forwards,  Jokes

    Want to learn Mumbai Hindi?

    So have you decided to shift to Mumbai? Or maybe you just want to talk the talk. Read on and learn… English: There’s a minor problem Hindi: Arre yaar, “Waanda” ho gaya English: There’s a big problem Hindi: Arre yaar, “Zol” ho gaya English: There’s a huge problem Hindi: Arre yaar, “Raada” ho gaya English: You’ll be surprised . Hindi: Ekdam “Hill” jayega tu English: I am going out of this place Hindi: Chal apun “Kaltii” marta hai. English: Don’t make a fool of others Hindi: Dekh, Tu “Shendi” mat laga sabko

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