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    Site Movement…

    Have you ever moved a site from one host to another? While moving a small site can be a piece of cake, a large distributed site can be a pain in the *beep*! Now multiply that by a factor of ten and you will know what I have gone through in the past 24 hours. This was also one of the reasons I kept putting it off, but when a site’s gotta move, a site’s gotta move! I won’t go into the details about which sites I moved, but the reason that I faced so much problem was because seven of the sites were all present under one account. All…

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    My Mail is now hosted with Google

    After having thought about it a while I’ve decided to use Google Apps for Your Domain for AjayDSouza.com. I have already been using Google Apps to manage WebberZone email for a while now, and now AjayDSouza.com 🙂 What this means is now I have a 2Gb Email account, which has all the features of Gmail (which IMO is second only to Yahoo! Mail). This is very useful because I can take a considerable load of my VPS. I have also found that Gmail’s anti-spam tools are a lot better than SpamAssassin. I also have complete POP and SMTP access if I need to download any email. I can also use…

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    Forum and Demo Blog Downtime

    Update: I seem to be getting a open_basedir restriction in effect problem on the sites. The individual demoblogs seem to be working. The domains too don’t seem to be fully propagated. Update 2: The problem has since been fixed. Apache sure can be funny at times! I have been able to restore the Support Forum and my Demo Blogs after it being down for nearly five days. The server it was hosted on went down suddenly and my former crappy host did absolutely nothing about it inspite of repeated reminders. I only got a “We are looking into the problem” and after two additional reminders a “Sites are being restored…

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    The Battle is won; The Battlefield changed…

    When I went to sleep at 1am on Monday morning, I thought I finally won the battle with my VPS for ajaydsouza.com To cut a long story short, when I checked my site yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, I faced major problems accessing it. When I was able to all I got was No posts and loads of 404s. Couldn’t do much all day long but sat with it after I returned home around 7.30pm. Tried restarting the server to find that mysql wouldn’t start. Seems I was locked out of /tmp even without touching it! Thankfully challii from AS Hosted came to my rescue and patiently help me debug. Temporarily changed…

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    Moved to a Virtual Private Server

    Like my upgrade to WP2.0.2, this was another inevitability. Like I mentioned earlier, my host had begun to complain about me loading their server. I guess I’m not the only one facing a similar kind of problem. Andreas too had to move to a VPS recently. After a great deal of research and debating. Research to find a good host and debating because now I will be spending around six times as much money as of last week and fourteen times as much as of last month! Well, I’m hoping my donations and ads are able to sustain this. And I have grabbed this opportunity to offer cPanel Hosting plans…

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    Looking for a good reliable VPS

    Fortunately or unfortunately, the popularity of this site has gotten so high, that my host has started to complain that I am loading their server. I don’t blame them because I can see my stats and was worried about it for a while. I have already installed WP-Cache 2 but I don’t think it is helping that much. Hence, the need for a good VPS. So folks out there who are using a VPS, please suggest a good, reliable and cost effective VPS provider. I’ve got a rather tight budget (unless my donations start increasing). Please consider this to be a very urgent requirement!

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    Popularity warrants change?

    I will not agree with this statement always but in this case I will. When I posted What is so special about this photo? I didn’t expect it to get as popular as it turned out to be! For one it made it as the No. 1 post on Reddit.com with 299 ups and 26 comments at the time of this post. Missed a screenshot at no. 1, but on the left is no. 2

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    Moving around

    Spent whole of Saturday moving my website around my different hosting accounts. Firstly, I moved this blog AjayDSouza.com to my Netbunch account and moved my Gallery AjayDSouza.info under my reseller account at ASHosted. Lastly, I moved My Sherlock Holmes Pages to my Staff account of Complete-Free-Host, where I am the forum admin. Additionally, My Sherlock Holmes Pages has been rechristianed to The Complete Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and has a new web address. That ofcourse means that I once again have to start from scratch to get my Page Rank and popularity up 🙁 It also means that I have a lot of work coming up including a…

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