• Personal,  Site Activity

    I’ve been busy!

    The last month reminds me of 2007 when I just entered SCMHRD as a budding MBA student. Life was totally crazy then since I just didn’t have the time to blog or even check my email. That is something that I have been feeling off late. Well, blame it on my exhausting job. In my line of work, the only thing that keeps us going is the level of enjoyment we have at work. Otherwise, I am sure I wouldn’t have survived! On the work front, I’ve been working non-stop on a good number of weekends! I had an extra day off in which I tried really hard to complete…

  • Computers & Technology

    The Battle is won; The Battlefield changed…

    When I went to sleep at 1am on Monday morning, I thought I finally won the battle with my VPS for ajaydsouza.com To cut a long story short, when I checked my site yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, I faced major problems accessing it. When I was able to all I got was No posts and loads of 404s. Couldn’t do much all day long but sat with it after I returned home around 7.30pm. Tried restarting the server to find that mysql wouldn’t start. Seems I was locked out of /tmp even without touching it! Thankfully challii from AS Hosted came to my rescue and patiently help me debug. Temporarily changed…

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