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    Manholes – Day 02

    This is a follow up of my yesterday’s post and developments on the same. The first manhole has broken still further, while the second has been repaired. I wonder why they didn’t repair both :-S Will keep you updated on the status of the first…

  • Fun Stuff,  General,  Yeh Des Hai Mera

    Manholes – Day 01

    The place where I catch my bus every morning near J.B. Nagar has two manholes. A few months back one of the manholes broke a bit and within the next two days it had crumbled completely. Instead of it being repaired I found stones around the manhole. It did get repaired finally. I missed photographs then, but this time the story repeats. Found both manholes have developed small holes and this time took the needed pictures. Here is the first (the one which broke last time): Click the thumb to view the full pic. And this is the second: If you look closely at the picture, there is one glaring…

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    Feeds Undigested

    I guess mixing feeds from across my sites was a bad idea. I have once again made changes to my main feed and will now being serving just this blog posts in it. However, for those interested you can always subscribe to the digested feed which contain feeds from the support forum and demo blogs. The feed is available in RSS, Atom and WMP/WAP formats. Additionally, I have noticed that those who have subscribed to this blog feed using Bloglines were not able to view the images. I have now added bloglines to a list of referrers. For those using other blog readers, please provide me with your feedback if…

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    WP-Plugin: Open Picture Window Plugin

    Presenting my fourth plugin for WordPress. It is called Open Picture Window Plugin and is based on my Open Browser Window Plugin. Have you ever wanted to display only a thumbnail and link to the new image. However, you don’t want the image opening in the same window and you don’t want all the toolbars and more in the new window? This is where the plugin steps in. Using javascript you can open the image in the new window. You can specify all the properties of the new window. You can also give it a title which is used as alt and title text for the image tag. The code…

  • Blogging

    Images, Hotlinking and Feeds

    For those who have subscribed to the feeds on my site may have noticed that instead of pictures loading, you instead have a pale violet image. This is because I have hot-linking protection turned ON. And unfortunately, I don’t think I will be turning it OFF in the near future. For those who don’t know, websites can display an image from another site and pretend to have it as their own. This not only causes loss of bandwidth for the source website but is straight forward stealing! I’ve noticed over time a lot of images on my site, especially those in my reviews have been linked to from other sites.…

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