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    Thank you Mrs. D’Souza

    This post is 3 weeks overdue. But, like they say, better late than never! Some of you might know that I celebrated my birthday on August 16. And, this time around, Ashwina decided that she was going to spare no expense, which works perfectly to my advantage 😉 The first thing amongst them all was my Bose QC20 noise cancelling headphones. Although, they are on the expensive side, you definitely get what you paid for. Once you switch them on, it filters out all the noise perfectly. The real test for this was when I carried them along with me on the Jubilee line, which by far is the noisiest train…

  • Personal

    First three vacation days

    Christmas is the time of the year I’ve always looked out for. This year has been a very fulfilling year, which I shall write about in a future post. I took my core leave from 18 Dec to 3 Jan, which is the longest duration of leave that I have ever taken till date! Had booked the tickets in August itself, so it was only the matter of getting to the airport. Unlike last time, where my cab arrived early and the plane was late, I reached the airport at 10am on Friday. They have become a lot stricter at Bangalore airport. I wasn’t allowed to even take my bottle…

  • Personal

    So what is ajaydsouza.com all about?

    This blog has been called lots of things: excellent, good, fun, enjoyable, and even boring, monotonous, horrendous (ok not this one). The most recent comment has been “boring”. So, why was it called boring. Because, it has been a while since I made a personal post. This blog sees two types of visitors, viz. those who visit my blog for the personal posts and those who visit my blog for the WordPress related posts, plugins and the theme. When I started ajaydsouza.com in October 2003, I had only one thing in mind, blogging about my life. In fact, even till today, most of my posts are still filed under Personal.…

  • Computers & Technology

    The Baby is Here

    Have been waiting a good deal and definitely didn’t expect it to land here so early, but as I mentioned my laptop arrived yesterday. And as I was really anxious to get started on it, I called up Dell and asked them to send an engineer over today itself. He came over and completed the installation and checked the entire system. Dell has a nice diagnostic CD that checks everything. Windows Vista Home Basic Edition seems to be decent so far. I was a little irritated that the C: is 100GB and the inbuilt shrinker didn’t work. It’s great that I will have (in another 12 hours) an external 120GB…

  • Personal

    Choir and Cakes

    One of the “benefits” of being in my choir is the regular treats that we get. This time it was cause of Sharon‘s birthday which was on Sunday. She fed us wafers, cake, samosas and cold drinks on Tuesday. I skipped dinner 😉 We had practice on both Monday and Tuesday in preparation for Good Friday. Our line up is good (as usual). There are a few of our legacy hymns as well as some new ones so practice is needed. This is going to be my last Holy Week in Mumbai, atleast for the next two years so I’m going all goes well. I also joined the the SCMHRD…

  • Computers & Technology

    The Laptop I Bought

    It would be more appropriate to have used the word “ordered” but I think “bought” shall pass. I also intended to post the details later but demand for the same has prompted this post. I’ve never been a laptop person. I find them too cumbersome and prefer the computer with all it’s individual units. However, MBA makes it necessary for me to have a laptop and so I began my hunt for the same. I had my eye on three brands viz. Dell, Lenovo and HP Compaq. Dell has a shipping duration of almost a month, while I believe Lenovo and HP are quicker in this respect. But, since I…

  • College,  Personal

    Friday the Second

    Today made me poorer, for now atleast. Sent off the acceptance letter to SCMHRD and the folks from Dell came over and picked up the cheque for my new laptop. I’m not sure what the next step in the SCMHRD formalities are, so time will tell. As for the laptop… she should be here in a month 🙂

  • College,  Personal

    Filling the Bubbles and more…

    The Sunday that went by the big Maharashtra MBA CET 2007 which opens doors to Management colleges in Mumbai. I had already received news of me being accepted in SCMHRD. My center for the test was IES School, Dadar. I wasn’t sure of finding parking, so took the train out there. Reminded me of the times at Agrawal’s for my HSC classes. This time I was a lot more prepared than last year and hence attempted the paper better I believe. However, I don’t think I did well enough to get me into JB, but time will tell.

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