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    Mumbai calling 2011

    I booked my tickets to come to Mumbai last month, when my plans for a trip to the USA and Canada fell apart due to my crazy work schedule. My past two trips have been on British Airways, but this time I booked tickets for our very own Jet Airways. I booked a cab to the airport and reached Heathrow Terminal 4 with time to spare. I must admit that I missed the awesomeness of Terminal 5. The flight was very comfortable, though I did feel the service was all over the place. The flight was a good 10 hours with minimal turbulence and I did catch up on some…

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    Consumer Durables are on their way

    Hi everyone, I am still very much alive. I wish I could write in more often but by the time I get home I am usually too exhausted to get online and blog. Then again with work ruling my life, there isn’t much to talk about. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and luckily for us that is something that holds very true out here as well. So on Monday after work my team went out for a mini outing that involved bowling and a light dinner. We first intended to go bowling at the Leela on Airport Road, but after reaching there we realized…

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    Pink Panther and other stories

    After a brief stint in Pune to complete some college activities, I came back to Mumbai last Sunday. I spent a good portion of last week working on my plugins. I released updated to Contextual Related Posts and Top 10. I also released a new WordPress Plugin called Add to Footer. Lastly, I’ve taken over development of the highly popular WP Ajax Edit Comments from Ronald. The last week wasn’t all coding. I managed to catch Pink Panther 2 and also made two visits to Dynasty, our favorite eating joint. Also dropped in to my Grandmom‘s place on Tuesday. Our original plan was to order from Subway. However, the outlet…

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    Travel, Repairs, Changed Plans, Movie and Lunch

    Dad’s down 🙂 for another day and when he is down, we usually set out for a father-son-on-a-bike-visiting trip. This time the destination was banks. We visited five banks in the area of Andheri and Vile Parle. We also managed to grab some vadapav and sugarcane juice, both of which will be eternal favourites for any Mumbaite. I remembered that I could get my N73 repaired. The joystick button was messed up and so needed to get the entire pad changed. Dad too had lost the tiny cap of the joystick of his N73. Gave my phone for repair and spent a good five hours with an almost zero contact…

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    Diwali in Mumbai

    Yes yes, I’m more than 10 days late with this post as well. But, managing to blog while attending lectures and being in two committees is a big big challenge. When I came down to Mumbai on January 4th, I did receive a welcome surprise from my Mom and Bro. Started off the Diwali vacations with mass on Sunday followed by a decent haircut (the last ones were two and half months back)! Picked up my bike from Abhijeet Jana, who has been using it while I’m out here in Pune and then went with for Nancy Drew on Sunday evening. During the week, I was invited for a well cooked…

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    Party, Dinner, Party, Dinner

    The last week has just flown by with most of my time was spent not studying. Wednesday – Party 1 On Wednesday, we were singing for a Silver Wedding mass. The mass was held at Atma Darshan and the reception was at Le Royal Meridien, for which the entire choir was invited. Had just dorned my normal formals for the mass, so went home to pickup my blazer as well as drop off the bike (Never drink and drive my mama said 😉 ) U. Conrad picked me up and we were among the first to reach the reception. Ate, drank, danced and feasted on food and desert. Got dropped…

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    Goa Travels: Day 5 – Wining and Dining

    We may have walked all over Thivim the previous day, but that wouldn’t stop us from travelling to Badem to visit Crispin‘s Grandmother. Our last visit to Badem was pretty much a disaster as it involved us hitchhiking all over the place. Our trip to Mapusa was by the usual bus. We were accompanied by Dora, who for some strange reason buys half tickets for all of us. And the stranger thing is that the conductor gives her them knowing it is for us! Anyway, our journey from Mapusa to Badem was extremely comfortable as we got a ride in a car, yes a real car, and one with an…

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    Goa Travels: Day 2 – Museum Hunting

    If there is one thing I hate doing, then it is walking. And more than hating walking, I hate walking around in the hot sun, which is pretty much what we did all over Panaji. I began the day making frankfurters and eggs for breakfast. Could have done with some pepper and a fan as well, but well, breakfast wasn’t all that bad. We set off around 10 towards Panjim or Panaji as it is called now. The plan was to meet Dora near Miramar. We caught the tempo (mini-bus) to Panaji directly and landed at their prass (depot) in an hours time. We took another bus from there and…

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    Goa Travels: Day 1 – The Hitchhikers

    Having arrived in Goa safely, Crispin and I reached the house to find that there was no electricity. We played around for over an hour to get the electricity back, but it was more than we could handle. Was able to arrange for the electrician thanks to U. Diego‘s help who came in the afternoon and fixed it. Our first job was to setup the house, i.e. bringing out the sofas, table, fridge etc. Was conned into eating a mango that fell of their tree… it wasn’t all that sweet, but is this the beginning of eating a lot of unwashed fruits from trees?! Crispin and I walked down to…

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    Ajay the Cook

    I found somebody to help me with my typing of the book. The person was none other than my mother who helped with a great deal of typing. And in return I cooked a portion of Sunday lunch. I hunted around for a prawns recipe and found a Ginger Prawn Recipe. As usual we made some changes to the basic recipe. Didn’t use the jumbo prawns as suggested since we already had the normal ones. We also added potatoes to the mixture. Replaced the stock with simple water and substituted the spring onions for normal ones. Well, I always knew that I could follow recipes, but this one turned out…

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