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    The Weekend Was This…

    Let me take the liberty of saying that my weekend began on Friday, which was indeed one of the longest days this week. Friday got me wandering into town in public transport. Began this journey by standing in a long queue for train tickets. Caught the Churchgate fast to get to Marine Lines. I wanted to stop by at Furtado to pick up an adapter for my Casio keyboard. The adapter for some reason went missing a while back. Did see one, but needed to reconfirm the specs. Don’t want to spend money on something that won’t work!

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    23rd November 2006

    Firstly, today happens to be my brother’s birthday and exactly one week earlier was my Mom’s. So happy birthday to them both (they don’t read my blog 🙁 ) Picked up some “veg” stuff from Owen Fresh (first time I’ve seen a veg bakery). It was decent. Lunch was yum, fried prawns, corn and rice =P~ Spent the rest of the day there before getting home. Dinner was Pizza from Smoking Joes. I did have a well fed day 😉

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    Two more done, few more to go

    Today was eventful, in the sense that I finished the application work of two more colleges, viz. NITIE and MDI. I still another 4-5 colleges left to apply to which should be done by next week. Before that met up with pals in Powai. We intended to go to Pizza Hut, but dropped the idea because of the long waiting time. Did I mention that I hate waiting for my food? We ended up eating Alu Parathas at Galleria in Powai. (I always forget to take pics!) After this I dropped in at NITIE. It happens to be an extremely peaceful and beautiful place with a good amount of greenery…

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    This Past Week in Ajay’s Life

      It sure has been a while since I visited Pizza Hut, but it was a welcome change when I visited it on Thursday. They have introduced a new range of pizzas which is not yet displayed online. Well, they didn’t turn out to be extraordinary, and definitely didn’t look like the pictures on the menu :O Advertising 😛 Mass was good and so was our singing. U. Conrad asked me to sing the response. Hey! I’m not a solo singer! But, I can definitely “say” the responses 😉 Sunday was the AIMCAT as usual. This time it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Ran out of time for Maths.…

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    Two weeks stories in a post

    I had meant to write individual posts, but am going to be really lazy. It all began before 20th of May when I asked an erstwhile friend to come with me to watch The DaVinci Code. Due to various reasons that deserve a post of its own, the DaVinci code didn’t release as planned on 19th. However, the 20th of date rendezvous stood and we decided to go out for lunch. After a lot of deliberation the place decided upon was Tunga, a place I haven’t been to since my dad took me there over 10-12 years back. (it has grown a lot since then)

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    The Day after Christmas

    I read a card the other day that said Happy Birthday today, Happy Hangover Tomorrow!. Well, I don’t drink, so that wouldn’t apply to me, but yes if I had gone to work, it would definitely have felt like one! Took 26th off from work and I realized this was much needed. Was only able to sleep around 6am on 26th morning after the great Christmas Dance. Had to go to church in the evening to sing for a mini-fest that happens every year. Was really shocked to see how low scale it was this year. I guess this was probably because we had other major church activities this year.…

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    Home alone no more

    My folks got back today from their trip to Kerala. And I am glad. I can now go back to carrying my breakfast and lunch to office as opposed to the last three weeks when I had to eat the crappy food in the office canteen. Spent whole of today at home. Haven’t been keeping too well lately. Back to good food and I hope to recover soon 🙂

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    Saturday Work

    Was working whole of yesterday. With project deadlines nearing it has become compulsory for me to work on a Saturday. And, I do not regret it! Though getting to work by bike is a project in itself, and getting back is a nightmare, work itself is good. Well it’s considerably comfortable as we have the air-conditioner in this heat. I’m enjoying the job and it is also very very peaceful on Saturday. Lunch is also taken care of. As for work, that happens mainly because I don’t need to think of anything else but work. And yet again I end up working later than 6pm on the Saturday 🙂 On…

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