• College,  Personal

    75% MBA

    As I mentioned, I returned to SCMHRD, rather reluctantly I must say. Spent the entire day catching up on blogging and finally got down to finishing the synopsis for the Finance paper before retiring to bed. Realized I had forgotten one of my hard disks in Mumbai itself, which means a good amount of entertainment awaits my return. Friday was lecture day. It began with a four hour lecture (which got cut short to two) of Strategic Marketing and this was followed by an Advances in SCM lecture. Dinner on Friday night was at McDonalds when a whole bunch of us headed out there. The normally freezing AC at the…

  • College,  Personal

    Break from Studying and Blogging

    That is just what the past few days have been like, with the exception of Monday, which I spent at the passport office. (Story comes later) My Dad is down for a few days on office work so that has been a short break yesterday. Got myself busy playing with his iPod Nano (did I tell you I have the 30Gb??). Found an interesting software that does most of the dirty work for you and its a lot smaller than iTunes. Review expected next Saturday on Techtites. Was awoken early by my Mom, so you must realize that I am extremely sleepy! Anyway, was singing for a wedding mass in…

  • College,  Personal

    No Forms…. still!

    Imagine travelling all the way from Andheri to Dadar only to find that once again the forms for XAT are not available! This time, they are out of stock! The last time it was because their freaking computers were not working. I can’t believe how banks can be like this… Then again, maybe I can! X( Anyway, did go to another branch to pick up forms for IMT. Stopped over at McDonalds in The Hub for a quick bite before coming home. Have to make another trip yet again. It sure can get very irritating! 🙁

  • Work

    With ze French

    This was all work and no play 😉 Spent a good part of Wednesday sitting with our French client translating a document from French to English. Well, French seems and easy language to learn. May actually consider taking it up ! Got news that I would have to drop him at the airport on Thursday night. We (Shibu, Dilpreet and me) left office with our client a little before six. We took him to Center One as he wanted to shop for shawls for his wife. Found out that he loves pizza and so treated him at Pizza Hut in Center One itself. After this we went to Sagar. Sagar…

  • Personal,  Religion,  Work

    St. Cecilia’s Feast

    Monday and Tuesday were pretty much evenings with the choir. The past three days at work have been pretty exhausting so both Monday and Tuesday were welcome breaks. Monday was choir practice, which I finally attended after a long time. Tuesday is St. Cecilia‘s – the Patron Saint of music and choirs – feast, U. Conrad decided to have a special mass followed by dinner at McDonald’s at the Hub in Jogeshwari. Our Parish allowed us to celebrate mass at 8 pm so that us working folks could make it. So yesterday, we had a small mass with 18 of us choir members plus our Sacristan Allwyn. Mass was celebrated…

  • Personal

    Sunday – Mass and the Hub

    Had two masses today viz. in the morning was the regular 9.30am mass. Picked up bread on the way home to have bread and eggs. Well it turned out to be brunch and I had to skip lunch as a result. Spent the rest of the day working on my WordPress Theme after which I got ready for the wedding mass we were singing for at Atma Darshan.

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