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    meebo me Plugin v1.1

    I have released v1.1 of the plugin to fix a minor bug that prevented the display of the widget in IE. If you have downloaded v1.0, please upgrade to v1.1. Sorry for the inconvenience. Read more and download >>

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    #1 on Google Again!

    I had a #1 rank on Google for the keyword “Ajay” around December, which I lost around Jan. However, was searching today and found my self on the top spot once again. This time I made sure I got a screenshot 😀 One thing I did notice was that it has happened after I dropped the www from my address. Is it just a co-incidence or … ? I have always been #1 on Yahoo, so this screenshot is for memory 😉 As for MSN, I’ve given up hope on that engine. It just won’t go through my site. And even resubmitting doesn’t help!

  • Computers & Technology

    Interesting searches

    I have been checking my StatCounter Results to monitor the popular pages on my site as well as search keywords being used to reach here not to mention several other statistics. Realized that people are searching for Ajay and landing up here (don’t know if it is for me). So I decided to run a search for Ajay and was shocked to find my website topping the list when searching using Google India. Have been number one on Yahoo! Search for quite a while now, but never on Google, so this kind of thrilled me even though its not Google.com. Here are some search results for various keywords: Search for…

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