Last Days in Muscat

Had no internet connection for the last few days in Muscat and so the delay in this post. We had a small dinner at John‘s place on Friday the 23rd . It was a rather quiet dinner with a general talk. We had an extremely late Thursday night and an extremely late wakeup on Friday …

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Back in Mumbai

I’m back in Mumbai! Had prayed for an uneventful flight and if you can discount the one and half hour delay and the turbulance, it was uneventful. Reached the airport. Was worried about being overweight (not me, my baggage). Dad is a frequent flyer and so I was able to carry some extra baggage 🙂 …

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Shopping & Shifting

We are half done with the shifting and it should be complete by today or early tomorrow. What will remain is settling down. It’s a nice feeling planning out where everything should go in the new house. We went out shopping in the evening, this time to pick up stuff that I will carry back …

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Dinner with the Cousin

Yesterday was dinner with my dad’s cousin and his family. Before that we went to a local optician to get my specs repaired, only to be informed I will need to change the frame. The frames and specs in Muscat are much more expensive than India and I was rather reluctant to get a new …

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Over Biryani

Dad ordered biryani for the get-together at our place. Got quite a few pics as well, which shall soon come online on my photo gallery once I get back to India. Have also taken a good set of pictures of the house. The first phase of shifting has begun and we hope to finish everything …

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A Woodland Dinner

Had dinner yesterday at a nice restaurant called Woodlands with A. Mercy, her husband Anil and dad 🙂 The place serves Chettinad food… yummy food. Ate well. My cough is still troubling me a lot… a dry cough that just refuses to leave! Woke up at my usual 10.30am this morning as well. Have to …

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A Bachelor Party

The Occasion: Tommy’s Bachelor Party The Venue: Dad’s House The Time: 7.30pm The Participants: Persons from different ethnic cultures and background The Story: I have never been to a bachelor party before nor have been instrumental in organizing any. Neither was I this time 😉 But I was there and I enjoyed. The party was …

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@ the Church

Went for mass yesterday at Ghala Church. I still have to get used to weekends being on Thursday and Friday and not our traditional Saturday-Sunday. Saturday-Sunday seems so much weekendlike! Anyway, Ghala church has been the place we have gone to for years and it is still the same as it was. Mass was good, …

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Shopping Frenzy

Finally went out shopping yesterday. Dad does most of his shopping at this new supermarket called Lulu. The location is on top of a hill and the place is so well lit up that you can see it from all around. I was rather impressed by the entire layout and this place has about 10 …

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