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    Happy New Year 2020!

    If you were born in the 80s, raised in the 90s and made it to 2020: You have lived in 4 different decades, 2 different centuries, 2 different millennia and you’re not even 40 yet! Anonymous a.k.a. a WhatsApp forward As 2019 draws to a close and with 2020 on the horizon, I’d like to begin this post by wishing you a Happy New Year 2020! Keeping with a very long term tradition, below is a snapshot of my life in 2019. Life In early January, Ashwina and I took Fr. Michael out for dinner. This was a farewell dinner as he made his way to Rome to finish his…

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    Happy New Year 2018!

    As most good things come to an end, so must 2017. Browsing through my list of posts for the past two years, I realised that I completely missed out a Happy New Year post for 2017. Can’t miss that two years in a row now, can we? 2017 – A Year in Review Life… I began 2017 in India, more specifically being ill in Bangalore where I (as did Ashwina) spent a good portion of the holiday in bed recovering from bad allergy attacks. Apparently I can’t handle the pollen and pollution anymore! At least it got better when I got back to Mumbai where we were soon well enough…

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all my blog readers. How did you celebrate your New Year? I decided to take it light this year and only went for the midnight mass with my family. Had plans on morning mass, but just later changed my mind. We did have pizza last night before mass 🙂 The mass was good but long as expected. 2006 has been a long and good year for my parish with a good deal of achievements. 2007 has been declared the year for the marginalized. Unfortunately, couldn’t get any good photos because of the bad lighting etc. A new theme coming soon to this blog as well as…

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    Bringing in New Year 2006

    Brought in the New Year yesterday with mass at 10pm. Decided to chuck my regular black jacket for an older but more formal blue blazer (unfortunately forgot to take a pic of me in it!) Mass was normal. Our church is celebrating the year 2006 as “Year of the Youth and Children”. Father gave a powerful sermon on how the youth today are so misguided. Will agree with him on many points, however I think he generalized a bit too much. Left with Madam A immediately after communion in order to make it before 12am to Conrads place. We were the first there and it was already a little past…

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    So what are you doing this Christmas?

    There’s 15 days for Christmas and I am sure while many have already decided what they will do, there may be many others who are still deciding! I’ve fallen perfectly into the latter. Have quite a few options, though I just am not sure which option to follow. For the past four years I have been spending Christmas and New Year with my choir. It has usually be low key affairs with private parties held at someone’s house. I never had a date nor did I know how to dance hence the rule-out of popular places like Willingdon or Bandra Gym. Times have changed and now I do know how…

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    Happy New Year!

    Had a very good New Year Celebration yesterday. Sang for the night mass inspite of my cough and by God’s grace, it didn’t affect me too much. Though, I coughed a lot inbetween hymns, I didn’t cough during one and it came out very good. Went off to U. Conrad’s place after mass to bring in the New Year there. The party was good fun as it usually is. Had to restrict myself to only water and cold drinks would be very cold for me. As usual, food was delicious and I ate a good amount. Danced a great deal. Did the jive, salsa, waltz and the cha cha cha…

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    Happy New Year

    It’s 6pm on the 1st of Jan 2004, while I sit to update my blog. Why so late? This is because, I got a call at 10.30 to drop into college. More in the post above. The reason of this post, is to provide an update on my fantastic New Year. Let’s begin with the 31st. I went to Nikhil’s place with Abhimanyu to work on the presentation for our project vivas. My mom called me around 5 pm to tell me I got a call from Sister Lima. I call her back and she tells me that she wants me to read for the Thanksgiving service before midnight mass.…

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    New Year Shopping

    Went shopping today for stuff for New Year. People usually go for Christmas, however for me Christmas is with my books, so no shopping there. I bought myself, a new spectacles frame, with anti-glare lens. This isn’t exactly for Xmas or New Year, but the timing is good. I also plan on buying myself contact lens after I narrow down on my choice. (Sadly  🙁 I will have to pay for this, but I believe it an invest worth making) Next on the list was a trouser matching my blazer. Went off to Cambridge in Andheri West to buy one (same place I bought the blazer from). We found one,…

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