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    Open Picture Window updated to v1.5.1

    I’ve updated my Open Picture Window WordPress plugin with a minor change in the JavaScript. Now, clicking on the picture in the opened window will close the window. Existing users of this plugin can upgrade to the latest version from within the WordPress admin area itself. For those unaware, the plugin allows you to open a new browser window containing the image specified using JavaScript. You have the option to choose the features as well as choose if you want it to be centered. Read more or download Open Picture Window plugin from the plugin repository.

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    Open Picture Window v1.4

    Have released a new version of Open Picture Window. Changelog: Fixed an error where the javascript file was not included correctly Picture should not get cut off in the new window being opened I have plans for a plugin that could display the images a bit better. However, it is still in development phase. Are you using Open Picture Window plugin? What are your experiences / suggestions for its improvement? Read more and download Open Picture Window v1.4 »

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    Open Picture Window v1.3 released

    After well over a year, I have finally released Open Picture Window v1.3. It’s been tested and works perfectly on WordPress 2.6 and above. It should also be compatible with versions prior to v2.6. I’ve added the plugin to WordPress Extend, so you can find the latest version of the plugin available for download from there itself. The folder name has been changed to ald-openimagewindow, so in case you are upgrading you will need to delete the ald-openpicturewindow folder from /wp-content/plugins or WordPress will throw up activation errors. Read more and download Open Picture Window Plugin »

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    Open Picture Window Plugin v1.2

    I’ve upgraded my Open Picture Window Plugin to version 1.2. This version comes with support for WordPress 2.1. Changes are: Upgraded to support WordPress 2.1. Opened window now auto-focuses. If you specify new window dimensions for the same window, the window will resize to the new dimensions. The current download count for plugin is only 1146. Hoping that the number of users will increase with this release. You can preview OPW on many posts of this blog. Are you using OPW as well? Make sure you upgrade to this release because of the added window features. Read more and download »

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    Open Picture Window Plugin v1.1

    I have just updated my Open Picture Window Plugin for WordPress. The only update is the much requested Quick Tags button. The plugin still doesn’t have a button for the WYSIWYG editor. I’m still working on that. Turns out to be a bit more complex that I was expected. Anyway, if you are not using the WYSIWYG then you’re in luck. The quicktags button with the name OPW should now be visible in your editor. This works similar to the link button, but it requests you for the window dimensions and title in addition to the URL. Would you like to see more functionality? Please do comment and let me…

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    10000+ downloads served

    I have been tracking downloads on this blog from 4th of July 2005 and was really delighted to find that I have served over 10000 downloads to date. Stats as follows: Total Downloads: 17 Total clicks: 10036 Average clicks per link: 590.4 Of these, the plugins have three links each, while my themes have one. Connections Reloaded leads the download count with nearly 3700 downloads. Bad Behavior Stats Plugin follows with 2358 downloads. Both Transpose Email and Open Browser Window have over 1000 downloads and even my new plugin Open Picture Window has 220 downloads from April 1!! Thanks to all of you out there who have liked what I…

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    WP-Plugin: Open Picture Window Plugin

    Presenting my fourth plugin for WordPress. It is called Open Picture Window Plugin and is based on my Open Browser Window Plugin. Have you ever wanted to display only a thumbnail and link to the new image. However, you don’t want the image opening in the same window and you don’t want all the toolbars and more in the new window? This is where the plugin steps in. Using javascript you can open the image in the new window. You can specify all the properties of the new window. You can also give it a title which is used as alt and title text for the image tag. The code…

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