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    Freshers and a Birthday Party

    August is always a high-activity month with a huge number of birthdays and other occasions. Freshers’ Party After being postponed several times, the Fresher’s Party finally took place on August 6. Dance parties aren’t really my favorite and this is usually no exception, especially when the DJ should pay for playing the trash he dished out! Without doubt, I spent a good portion of my time outside the venue, which was the SIU poolside. Food however, was better this time, with chicken added to the menu. Needless to say I ensured I ate well. Below is a photo of me with my date and below that is a photo of…

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    I celebrated my Birthday on 16th

    Should have posted this a while back, but as usual original posts coming out of a budding MBA student can be rare. Anyway, I came down to Mumbai on 14th on college work. Our job was to interview an entrepreneur. The problem, he didn’t really have the time. So, this turned out to be a failed project, where the three of us travelled to town, took photographs of a deserted room and then headed home. Found out that Marol is now connected to Seepz by a flyover, which has cut down my commutation time by over 25 minutes. Awoke at 5.30am to leave for Pune and made itΒ back in time…

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    An Industrial Visit and A Fresher’s Party

    As part of the OSHE program I talked about a few posts back, we had to visit an industry in Pune itself to study the safety measures they have in place. My batch visited Forbes Marshall in Pune. The place in around 40 minutes from SCMHRD and the bus ride was noisy (leave a bunch of students in a bus and you will get this), but comfortable. Forbes Marshall are experts in everything steam. We were allowed to tour their factory on our own and we roamed around gathering information about their processes and more importantly observing things out of place.

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    Party, Dinner, Party, Dinner

    The last week has just flown by with most of my time was spent not studying. Wednesday – Party 1 On Wednesday, we were singing for a Silver Wedding mass. The mass was held at Atma Darshan and the reception was at Le Royal Meridien, for which the entire choir was invited. Had just dorned my normal formals for the mass, so went home to pickup my blazer as well as drop off the bike (Never drink and drive my mama said πŸ˜‰ ) U. Conrad picked me up and we were among the first to reach the reception. Ate, drank, danced and feasted on food and desert. Got dropped…

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    Mere Yaar Ki Sangeet

    One of my closest friends (who now lives at the other end of the globe) Nikhil‘s sister is getting married tomorrow. As part of the series of functions, yesterday was the Sangeet. The sangeet seems to be along the lines of our roce. The reception was held at Hotel Royal Garden in Juhu, which turned out to be a nice hotel. Had to be knowing Nikhil’s folks… I thought I would be late but guess 9pm wasn’t late enough. Folks I knew soon started tripping in after that so I had my company. Got a picture of the bride and groom to be. Did I mention that having an N73…

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    Christmas Week

    Christmas and Internet has been kind of responsible for no posts for quite a while on this blog. Christmas is over, but the internet continues to remain bad. So I’m gonna make a post while I have the chance to do so. I ended the week before Christmas with a wedding mass that we were singing for. As usual, we trooped out to eat after the mass. We chose Domino’s because of its proximity. My opinion that Domino’s is not an eatin was re-enforced.

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    A Communion Party

    Had a communion party of my second cousin Danielle today. The party was held at Orchid in Wellingdon Gym. Have been there almost a year back. The party was a typical family party. This time Mom was in form. We ended up winning all the three games :O Prizes to the right for those who don’t believe πŸ˜€ Food was decent. No dancing, as is customary at most of our functions, but for the masala which is something I always avoid! Got back home and continued what I do best (or some of the many things) viz. blogging. Hope to hit the bed soon.

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    Choir Party

    Got together with Marilyn today and gave a small snack party to the choir today to celebrate our birthdays. Picked up some chocolate balls and chicken pattice from Merwan’s in Andheri West, some chips from Hotchips and cold drinks (yes we drink Pepsi inspite of the pesticide scare). Choir practice was good. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it for the wedding mass tommorrow. Tomorrow and day after is well packed as usual. Looking forward to it. I finished my first unemployed week today. Did a bit of studing in the whole week. Got to start a lot more serious studying now!

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    So Long, Farewell, It’s Time To Say Goodbye

    Yesterday was my last day at Larsen & Toubro – Control and Automation. My design team threw me a farewell party. Will be honest and say that I did not expect it. It came as a great surprise πŸ™‚ Was gifted a Parker Pen set. Was also given my first birthday card (well in advance) along with a box of chocolates (which everyone made sure was shared πŸ˜‰ ). Will miss you all! And you can hold me to my birthday treat once the monsoons pass πŸ™‚ Finished off the clearance formalities today at Powai. Just got a little settlement of dues pending for tomorrow and collecting my service certificate.…

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    When Elvis called me up last week telling me he wanted to throw a surprise party for his fiance Delilah I agreed to play along πŸ™‚ Delilah celebrated her birtyday on 16th April, Easter Sunday. The party was planned at Out of the Blues in Bandra. I haven’t been there before, so picked up Melody (who was chief coordinator) and headed off to the place. Elvis brought Delilah out there a little while later. But before that she had spent a rather fuming day because Melody told her that the birthday wasn’t important and another pal didn’t bother to call up! I will not try to imagine how angry Delilah…

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