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    Yeh Des Hai Mera

    I’m a little charged up by my Manholes post. Born, brought up and having lived in Mumbai all my life, I’ve found a lot of things to complain about in this city, be it the roads, the traffic, the corporation or the people at times. And then again there are a lot of things that make me really proud to live in this city. I always look at both sides of the coin. At times it gets just too frustrating to do anything about it. At other times things are so amusing or downright stupid that all I can do is talk about it. So, why not talk about this…

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    What is so special about this photo?

    You may have already seen this, but I just received this via email, loved it and so the post. If you look closely you will realize why this National Geographic picture (Week 4 of this issue) is so interesting. Click on the image to view its full size. Can you guess? Disclaimer: This photo is the sole property of National Geographic. The photographer is George Steinmetz and the image is called Larger than Life. I have written to him and have received his permission. Thanks to Gary for raising the point about copyrighted photos.

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    AjayDSouza.info Revamped!

    Have been meaning to this in quite a while. Had considered shifting over to Flickr to maintain my photo album, but the free service is very limited for me. Additionally I did not want to go in for a paid service because anyway I am spending a lot on hosting of my own. Hence, I decided to try evaluate the option of using Gallery 2 as the software to power my photo album. I have been using Coppermine for quite a while now mainly because of its bulk import feature. I had evaluated Gallery but found it rather lacking. Was stunned that Gallery2 gave me a lot more than I…

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    FortyFaces.com is a site with a difference. It is the work of Philipp Lenssen. When you (actually I, along with another 170+ webmasters) post, instead of the post showing up a picture of yours with a link to the latest post shows up on the main page. Why FortyFaces? Because, that is what you see… the faces of the forty webmasters of the last forty posts. This is my first post there since he added me to the list, so let’s see how it goes 🙂 BTW. The image you will see is:

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