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Didn’t do much of that on Sunday when I went for my AIMCAT. Had thought it going for me when I attempted the verbal, but the quant and DI made me change my mind. Checking the results later convinced me that the verbal was also as bad as the other two!

Anyway, headed straight home after the paper. Was really zonked, because Dad had arrived in the morning, resulting in my sleep being cut shot. But no complains at all šŸ˜‰

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Two weeks stories in a post

I had meant to write individual posts, but am going to be really lazy.

It all began before 20th of May when I asked an erstwhile friend to come with me to watch The DaVinci Code. Due to various reasons that deserve a post of its own, the DaVinci code didn’t release as planned on 19th. However, the 20th of date rendezvous stood and we decided to go out for lunch.

After a lot of deliberation the place decided upon was Tunga, a place I haven’t been to since my dad took me there over 10-12 years back. (it has grown a lot since then)
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