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When Mumbai Stood Still

Yesterday at 6.25pm one of the busiest cities in the World came to a total standstill for two minutes. As the coldwar sirens blared all across Mumbai, millions stopped all conversation, traffic came to a halt and cinemas interrupted films…

Let’s be friends

Yesterday was “Let’s be Friends” night at Wellingdon. Madam A had invited me for it and since besides her family other common friends were also there and cause my new craze is dancing, I decided to go along. After a…

The Vote is Cast

Just back from casting my vote today. Took a closer look at my voting card and realized that it has been a direct translation from Marathi which meant Marathi words spelt out in English. Why can’t they get decent translators???…

Voting Day today!

Had planned on getting home yesterday and opening my books a bit. However, my stupid bus driver missed my stop as usual. And you can’t find a rickshaw in the area. So just went off to the ATM and later…

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