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    Life Updates as Promised

    I haven’t had much time to get down to blogging what I have been upto in the past month. Having celebrated my birthday in Mumbai, I headed back to Pune to get on with life. Had originally planned to come back to Mumbai on Thursday itself for Placements work. However, a thought improvement workshop interrupted these plans. The workshop was conducted by CGN. The workshop is actually a program by The Pacific Institute. I had originally planned on going into details for the same, but I guess most of the same is copyrighted and it would not be correct. In brief, the workshop covers topics like scotomas, Reticular Activating System,…

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    Is it only seven hours load shedding in Pune?

    From today onwards we have seven hours of load shedding. I’m not sure if this is in addition to the almost 48 hours of load shedding on weekends. As for six hours, the same is debatable. At around 4.30pm power was cut and its almost midnight now and there is no electricity. And, if rumours are correct there will be total blackout after midnight. Will post an update on the situation later. God! I miss Mumbai 🙁

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    Freshers and a Birthday Party

    August is always a high-activity month with a huge number of birthdays and other occasions. Freshers’ Party After being postponed several times, the Fresher’s Party finally took place on August 6. Dance parties aren’t really my favorite and this is usually no exception, especially when the DJ should pay for playing the trash he dished out! Without doubt, I spent a good portion of my time outside the venue, which was the SIU poolside. Food however, was better this time, with chicken added to the menu. Needless to say I ensured I ate well. Below is a photo of me with my date and below that is a photo of…

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    Back to SCMHRD

    Had originally planned on reaching college on 15th morning, however certain changes postponed my departure to the 19th. The last few days in Mumbai were extremely painful as the day to leave draw close! Set off for Pune at about 8.30am on 15th, got the bus around 9am and spent over four hours in the bus. It has been my longest journey to Pune ever and the bus guy decided to stop at every single place in an attempt to fill all the seats! Reported to the hostel, picked up my keys, dumped my stuff and rushed off to college to attend the Supply Chain Modelling and Design lecture which…

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    It is Finished! SCMHRD Final Merit list is now online

    As of today, the Admissions Process has finally come to an end. The Final Merit List for SCMHRD is now available on the website. Admissions work at SCMHRD has been an excellent experience indeed. We did everything that was to be done, right from designing every single page of the brochure to sending teams on drives, to advertisements and finally the entire GDPI process. The GDPI process this year was held at the International Convention Centre in Pune from the 27th of January and the 2nd of February, followed by interviews for handicapped candidates on 3rd at our college itself. Yours truly was responsible for the initial identity verification process…

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    I celebrated my Birthday on 16th

    Should have posted this a while back, but as usual original posts coming out of a budding MBA student can be rare. Anyway, I came down to Mumbai on 14th on college work. Our job was to interview an entrepreneur. The problem, he didn’t really have the time. So, this turned out to be a failed project, where the three of us travelled to town, took photographs of a deserted room and then headed home. Found out that Marol is now connected to Seepz by a flyover, which has cut down my commutation time by over 25 minutes. Awoke at 5.30am to leave for Pune and made it back in time…

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    A Month at SCMHRD

    It’s been almost a month since my last post. And it just goes to show how tied up MBA life has kept me. Based on feedback from seniors this is going to be the case for atleast another two or so months. A lot has happened since then, and I’ll just be summarizing a few of the main events in this post. To begin with, we had our foundation course exams. Principles of Management is a sure flunk, and that’s the case of most of the batch. My maths paper ended up with hundreds of silly mistakes and clearing this seems to be a bleak possibility. The financial accounting paper…

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    Bombay to Pune

    Had to report to Pune on June 1 to get ready for my two year long MBA course at SCMHRD. I’ve never experienced hostel life and the longest I’ve been away from home was seven years back on my trip to Muscat. I made the rounds of meeting several friends in the past week. Had originally planned on carrying two bags and my laptop, but with the pillow and the bedsheets etc. that needed to be added to the list, I soon ended up with one big suitcase, one big bag and the laptop bag, all of which were bursting at the seams. Set up around 8am on Friday and met…

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    Choir and Interviews

    Finally got down to studying at full shot. Have completed the entire Maths portion. Computers is easy so what remains of that will be last. Went for choir practice yesterday after quite sometime. Picnic plans are being made for June 3, but by then I will be in Pune. Received the email today with detailed reporting structure. I’m planning on reporting on 1st June. I hope I don’t have to do 31st May. As part of the Foundation Course, I need to interview a CxO and an entrepreneur. I completed the entrepreneur interview on Friday itself. Had forgotten to blog about it. Went today for the CxO interview. Had to…

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    Weekend in Pune

    Those who have been reading the comments out here (not to mention the posts), would have known that I was in Pune this weekend for the SCMHRD Group Discussions and Personal Interview. This is only my second trip to Pune, with the first one not being a pleasurable experience.

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