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    Movie Review: Pink Panther 2

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched Pink Panther three years ago. I expected the very same from Steve Martin this time as well and I wasn’t disappointed. Steve Martin returns to play the brilliant bumbling detective Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther 2. The movie begins with the Tornado having stolen treasures from around the world. In order to capture the Tornado, the countries of the world form the "Dream Team" of the most brilliant detectives. Without doubt, our Inspector Clouseau makes it to the Dream Team. And, the laughter continues! The jokes are great, but what really takes the cake is Steve Martin’s acting. The scenes are very well…

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    Featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park

    Imagine my shock, surprise and excitement to find out that my review of Slumdog Millionaire was featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park. Mumbai Mirror is a newspaper focused for Mumbai that comes along with The Times of India. Though I must say that I didn’t see much traffic coming out here because of the article, I am pleased that my review was considered newspaper worthy 🙂 Thank you Mumbai Mirror! And, thanks to @rahuljrark of Cool Tricks N Tips for pointing this out to me.

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    Movie Review: How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is a stupid story of an over smart Sidney Young who loves the glamorous world of the stars but is struggling to get famous. He gets his big break when he is hired by New York’s Sharps magazine. Sidney settles into New York and into Sharps where life is a lot different and more sophisticated from what he is used to. Thus begins his tryst with the stars, a love affair with Alison and his desperate attempts to woo Sophie Maes.

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    Movie Review: Outlander

    During the Iron Age, an age where several different Viking tribes fought each other for land, resources and supremacy, a spaceship comes hurtling towards earth and crash lands in a lake near a Viking village. Out steps Kainan (James Caviezel), a “man” from a distant planet. But he is not alone. The ship also brings a monster known to Kainan and his people as the Moorwen. The Moorwen gets to work immediately by destroying one village as Kainan attempts to track him. Kainan is captured by Wulfric and his men with whom he joins arms to battle the Moorwen. Outlander is a really well made movie. The Moorwen is well…

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    Review: Telemarketer Catcher

    The following is a paid review of Telemarketer Catcher. Does any of these sound familiar? “So-and-so bank offers you a free lifetime credit card” or “Would you like a personal loan of …” or “You have been selected for a special vacation.” Almost all of us have been disturbed by the shrill ringing of our telephone only to realize that the important call we’ve been expecting is in fact the call of an overly zealous telemarketer just trying to do his/her job at the cost of our irritation. Here in India it is terrible, and I understand it is even worse in the USA. Even the Do Not Call registry…

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    75% MBA

    As I mentioned, I returned to SCMHRD, rather reluctantly I must say. Spent the entire day catching up on blogging and finally got down to finishing the synopsis for the Finance paper before retiring to bed. Realized I had forgotten one of my hard disks in Mumbai itself, which means a good amount of entertainment awaits my return. Friday was lecture day. It began with a four hour lecture (which got cut short to two) of Strategic Marketing and this was followed by an Advances in SCM lecture. Dinner on Friday night was at McDonalds when a whole bunch of us headed out there. The normally freezing AC at the…

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    Movie Review: Body of Lies

    Having checked out the high rating of Body of Lies on IMDB, I decided to go watch the movie. Body of Lies tells the story of Roger Ferris, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Ferris is a covert CIA operative in Jordan and the Middle East working to capture Al Saleem, a terrorist planning to wreck havoc on Europe and USA, with the help of Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe). While in Jordan, Ferris falls in love with Aisha (Golshifteh Farahani) and takes help from Hani (Mark Strong). And then, Aisha gets kidnapped… Overall, Body of Lies is a rather slow movie. Acting is good. Russell Crowe plays the role of an arrogant…

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    Movie Review: WALL-E

    Seeing the high rating of WALL-E on IMDB, we decided to go watch WALL-E. Got tickets only for the front most row, but it was well worth it! WALL-E tells the story of a simple a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess left all the waste created by a powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation. The humans abandon earth and go off into space. They send a probe back to earth, a cute female robot called Eva. WALL-E meets Eva as she hunts for life on earth and collect a small plant found by WALL-E. Following her directive, Eva goes into standby mode and is…

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    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Harrison Ford is back with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. One thing they kept intact was the fact that he is now older, much older! Dr. Henry Jones is back into action. This time the quest is the search for a mythical kingdom, maybe El Dorado, a city of pure gold, the link to that is a crystal skull, a professor of archeology gone crazy and a rather strange KGB agent. The movie was rather amusing, especially the fight sequences. However, there were a rather unrealistic and unbelievable scenes, like the one where he escapes from a nuclear bomb blast. I will say that I am…

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