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    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is the second in a series of seven. When Prince Caspian blows a horn out for help, little did he realize that he would be calling for the Kings of the old. Back in the real world, the Pevensie siblings are still hoping that they somehow go back to Narnia. The horn does bring them back to Narnia, but to a Narnia that has changed, changed in the past few hundred years. Narnia is now ruled by Miraz, Caspian’s evil uncle who has eyed the throne for years. Prince Caspian with the help of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy decide to win back Narnia,…

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    Two Months in a Post

    Can’t believe my last personal post was on March 4th.. Then we were just getting into the exam spirit and a lot has happened since then. For starters, we had to get through a barrage of exams, that just didn’t seem to stop. Everyone desperately looked towards March 29th, the last day of the exams, also the day when we could all rush home. Exams were ok, though they seem to be at some point of my distant past! 🙂 Headed to Mumbai on 29th, dropped off my bags, picked up my bike from ABJ, who has been taking good care of it. Work began on April 7th. I got…

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    Movie Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles

    After watching this movie I realized that it’s been a while since I grew up! Spiderwick Chronicles is a tale of fairies and ogres. Jared and Simon Grace (Freddie Highmore), along with their sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger) are brought by their mother (Mary-Louise Parker) to the Spiderwick Estate after her husband leaves her. What seems to be an old rundown place turns out to be a home with a past, a strange past that Jared stumbles upon when he finds and reads a book written by his great-grand uncle Arthur Spiderwich. A book about fairies and ogres and the secrets in that realm. A book that is hunted by the…

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    Movie Review: Transformers

    Imax Adlabs offers special Rs.49 prices for movie tickets in some shows before 6pm. So, went off to watch Transformers in the Imax Dome. Excellent experience, but the fast paced movie was kinda overwhelming. Transformers tells the story of Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), a young teenager who convinces his father to buy him a car, a car that would change his life. The car turns out to be Bumblebee, an Autobot sent to protect him from the Decepticons. Both, the Autobots and the Decepticons are after the Allspark, a cube, with the power to create life. While the Autobots had managed to smuggle the Allspark off their planet, Megatron, the…

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    Movie Review: Stardust

    We stumbled upon the advertisement for Stardust. It read: A fantasy story for the family We decided to take the risk and came back watching a fantastic movie. Stardust tells the story of a young boy Triston (Charlie Cox) who is infatuated by Victoria (Sienna Miller). Victoria agrees to marry Tristen on condition that he fetches a falling star. In his love (or infatuation), Tristen agrees and sets off across “The Wall” into the land of the unknown. Tristen does find the star, but to his surprise it turns out to be a beautiful girl Yvaine (Claire Danes). It is a fantasy story, and it just can’t end there. On…

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    Movie Review: Nancy Drew

    As a kid, I enjoyed reading mystery novels, among these were Famous Five, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (some guys do read this). The decision to watch Nancy Drew came up suddenly and we did expect the movie to do justice to some of the books. Unfortunately, this was not the case. When it came to the story line, it was typical of any mystery plot. It had its fair share of secret rooms and passages, cops and robbers and few famous personalities. However… the potrayal of a lot of characters was totally incorrect. The movie tells the story of Nancy Drew going off to Los Angeles. She makes a…

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    The last two days have been tiring. Having completed the Manufacturing Unit visit on Saturday, I’ve been working furiously to finish of the Field Assigments. Did have mass on Saturday evening, which was to be the last mass I will attend here for a long time now. Got back home immediately after mass and wrote the movie review. Have been getting them critically analyzed which helps rectify my errors and improve them. Had to rewrite both, the movie and book reviews. Went off to watch Shrek the Third today. The movie will be releasing on 1st, but Fame Adlabs had a special Paid Preview. The movie did have its funny…

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    Review: iRemotePC – Remote Support Service

    I’m back with another sponsored review, this time of iRemotePC – Remote Support Service. iRemotePC is a web based remote assistance product for IT technicians and especially useful for product/software vendors to remotely support their clients and customers. The service allows them to remotely control clients PCs with ease and fully encrypted security without pre-installing any software on the remote side. As usual, I signed up for the service and gave it a test drive.

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    Spiderman 3

    I can’t believe that Spiderman 2 was two and half years back! While, I wasn’t too impressed by Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3 was definitely worth it (spent only Rs.70 😉 )

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    Review: Trendio

    The following post is a paid review of Trendio and my second review from ReviewMe. Are you the kind of person who regularly monitors search engines for the most popular words? Every year, several search engines publish the most popular search keywords for the year. What if you could wager with these keywords? Maybe use your experience to make some money? What if I tell you that you can become a millionaire by trading in keywords, would you believe me? Trendio tries you give you your shot at name, fame and fortune. Trendio is a stock market where the stocks are words from the news: politicians, celebrities, companies, sport events,…

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