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    I’ve been busy!

    The last month reminds me of 2007 when I just entered SCMHRD as a budding MBA student. Life was totally crazy then since I just didn’t have the time to blog or even check my email. That is something that I have been feeling off late. Well, blame it on my exhausting job. In my line of work, the only thing that keeps us going is the level of enjoyment we have at work. Otherwise, I am sure I wouldn’t have survived! On the work front, I’ve been working non-stop on a good number of weekends! I had an extra day off in which I tried really hard to complete…

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    Last Weeks at SCMHRD and Mumbai

    I returned to college in mid March for the last two weeks at SCMHRD; two weeks filled with exams and vivas. Began first shot of the exams with the viva for our Finance Paper on 21st March. It was short, to the point and sweet with average marks. We also collected out hall tickets on that day. Two days prior to that Sneha got placed. It was also the same day that Namrata manage to break a leg (and I’m not talking show business) while shopping. She sure got fussed over for two weeks. My first written paper was for World Class Management on 26th of March and the paper…

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    Back to College

    Took the early morning Volvo to Pune on Sunday morning for the last two weeks in college (hopefully). Aditya picked me up from the Hinjewadi flyover. We headed back and met the others out here for breakfast. Immediately after breakfast, we changed into our formals and paid our exam fees. Now, all that is left is completely our vivas for our finance paper, which has been scheduled for 21st. As well as collecting the hall ticket for my exams which begin on 26th. Also need to collect material to study for them! Also, got my S.S.C marksheet which was with the college, as these need to be shown to the…

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    75% MBA

    As I mentioned, I returned to SCMHRD, rather reluctantly I must say. Spent the entire day catching up on blogging and finally got down to finishing the synopsis for the Finance paper before retiring to bed. Realized I had forgotten one of my hard disks in Mumbai itself, which means a good amount of entertainment awaits my return. Friday was lecture day. It began with a four hour lecture (which got cut short to two) of Strategic Marketing and this was followed by an Advances in SCM lecture. Dinner on Friday night was at McDonalds when a whole bunch of us headed out there. The normally freezing AC at the…

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    Shopping and Church

    Fourth semester at SCMHRD is one of the most relaxed semesters. We have Neev just around the corner and so I am relatively free. Decided to go to church today. Maria was pleased since she has been after me to do so for a long long time! Am sure my Mom too was pleased. Today was the feast of Christ the King as well as it happens to be my brother’s birthday. The feast of Christ the King marks the end of the liturgical year. This is usually a big event in my church back in Mumbai. Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. I can finally start playing…

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    Onam and Plugin Development

    The entire week has been relatively light, which changes tomorrow. Spent a good portion of the week programming. I released Digg Integrate, TwitterCounter and Auto-Close in the past week. I have a few more plugins planned for release in the next few weeks. These are mainly things I use or want to use out here on my very own blogs. 12th September was celebrated as Onam. For the second year in a row, SCMHRD won the Pookalam contest. Photos below for your viewing pleasure. Lunch was arranged by the students who celebrate Onam. Food was served on banana leaves. Well, I enjoyed the food and ate a great deal 🙂…

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    20 hours power cut, not seven

    The newspapers may have reported only seven hours power cut, but that definitely wasn’t the case! After about ten hours of no power, I wondered if we would get the electricity back anytime soon. Well, we did, a full twenty hours later. Added to that we had a total blackout around 12.30am which lasted for another eight hours or so. Kept tossing and turning in my bed for a good portion of the night with huge mosquitoes hovering all around me. When I finally did fall asleep, it was time to wake up 🙁 Have to hit the books now. There’s a lot that has happened in the past which…

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    Techtites, Blogging and College

    I love third semester, or atleast what I have seen so far! The schedule has been so much lighter than before that I have had sufficient free time to pursue other things, e.g my blogging which had gone dead in the past year. For starters, I got about revamping Techtites. Also spent whole of Sunday preparing blog posts for Techtites. My next step would be to work on this blog and see what I can do with it. Evening in Fresher’s Day. After being postponed time and time again for the past week the date and details have been finalized. It sure is fun to see the “costumes” that people…

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    More Interviews and Tests

    Spent most of Sunday working on the Project Management presentation for Monday evening and so had to spend the little time available on Monday morning preparing for the Corporate Finance quiz. The quiz turned out to be dedicated to the time value of money which was pretty decent, so I won’t complain about that. Could have done better I guess. Tuesday usually is a light day, as is Wednesday. However, they are usually consumed in working on the new Financial Statement Analysis case or some other assignment that manages to crop up. Monday to Wednesday evenings were spent interviewing juniors for the Admissions Core Committee, the last obligation we have…

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    SCMHRD Life Continues

    Returned from Mumbai early Monday morning. Awoke nice and early and caught the 6.15am Volvo from Teli Gali. Reached here around 10.30 and immediately got down to studying my Corporate Finance assignment. Had classes on all days of the week except for Wednesday, which was an equally busy day. Also got asked out for freshers. Didn’t expect it so soon. Took an expected surprise test in the FSA class. I’m far from where I need to be. Also have an FCQ in the Corporate Finance on Monday as well as a presentation for Project Management (Ops) on SPACE analysis and BCG Matrix. So, basically got my hands full all of…

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