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    Better Search v2.2.4 – security fix

    I have released version 2.2.4 of Better Search (v2.2.3 was a short release) which fixes one very important security issue that was reported by Ryan Dewhurst. Another key change in this release is the use of query variables and ajax to track the searches as well as some hardening across all PHP files. If you’re running v2.2.2, please upgrade to this release now. Changes in Better Search v2.2.4 and v2.2.3 Searches are now tracked using Query Variables Fixed security issue. Reported by Ryan Dewhurst WHERE clause is not replaced in seamless mode Download Better Search v2.2.4

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    Better Search v2.0

    Better Search just got massively better with v2.0.0. If you’ve been using WordPress’ default search engine then you’ll know by now that WordPress doesn’t give you relevant search results for your search terms. You’ll get posts that contain the search term ordered by date. Better Search completely replaces the inbuilt WordPress search engine by a contextual based search fetching you more relevant search results. For v2.0.0, I spent a lot of time completely cleaning up all the code, fixing a lot of bugs and adding in a tonne of new features. The biggest addition to the plugin is several new and many improved filters and actions that will allow developers…

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    Plugins,  WordPress

    Better Search v1.3.4

    I’ve released Better Search v1.3.4 today. The biggest addition which has long been pending is the addition of a meta tag that will allow you to set the search results page to stop being indexed. Enabled by default, you can choose to disable the meta tag if needed. This should be definitely better for SEO and recommended by Google. Setting the meta tag should eventually stop Google and other search engines from unnecessarily indexing the search results pages. This plugin also adds support for Rocket Loader and fixes some minor bugs in the heatmap. I’ve also added a brand new header image for the plugin listed in the WordPress.org directory. How does it look? As usual,…

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    Minor updates to CRP and Better Search

    I’ve uploaded two minor updates to CRP and Better Search, while the upgrade to Contextual Related Posts is optional, Better Search is a required update. Contextual Related Posts lets you display a list of contextually related posts for the current post. It does this by analyzing the title and content of your post and finding the most relevant posts based on this. In this release to CRP, I’ve added the Italian language which has been provided by Gianni and the Danish translation from Georg. Gianni has provided the Italian translation for Top 10 as well, while Georg has provided the Danish translation for TwitterCounter. All the translations are available when…

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    Better Search bug-fix release

    I’ve just committed v1.1.5 of Better Search to the repository. Both 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 fixes two tiny bugs in the functioning of the plugin. Thanks to Thaya and vikingjs suggesting the two fixes. I still have a number of major modifications that I would like done to this plugin, but sadly, I haven’t found a good amount of time to sit and do them. vikinjs has also made a few changes to the plugin which you may like to try out. Again, I’m looking for a guide on programming a callback function. If anyone has done this or knows how to or where I can find out how, do post…

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    New WordPress Plugin: Better Search

    Though WordPress does provide users the ability to search your blog, it is highly limited in any features. Additionally, all it does is a simple search for the term and lists the post in descending order of their post dates. It may so happen that a user may not even find a relevant search result. This is where Better Search comes in. Weblog Tools Collection has an improved search system that allows users to search for posts based on their content and relevance. I’ve adapted the code by Mark into a plugin for easy installation on your WordPress blog. Better Search will provide contextually search your WordPress blogs and then…

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    Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin

    Snap released a new feature that lets you display thumbnail for links on your website. It is called Snap Preview AnywhereTM. I’ve released a plugin that makes it extremely easy for you to add the same code to your WordPress Blog. Presenting Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin for WordPress! As usual the plugin can be configured via WP-Admin. You can also let the plugin automatically add the code to the footer of your theme. All you need to do is signup for SPA, get the Key and fill it in. If you like the plugin please do consider a donation. It helps defray hosting costs. Read more and download »

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    Search this Blog with Google

    Not that you couldn’t do it before, but now Google search has been integrated perfectly with this blog. I have still maintained the option of using the inbuilt search because that will give you the best result. However, if you want to search comments as well, then Google can help you. There are three ways for you to use Google to search: 1. Enter your search term in the search box in the right sidebar and click the Google button. 2. If your search term doesn’t find anything in the inbuilt search, the result page will provide you a form to search using Google. 3. Visit the Google Search page…

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    Numero Uno on Google

    Searched for Ajay on Google and found myself on position ONE!!!! So has the little SEO that I have done worked finally or has it been the increase in popularity over the past week. Will just wait and see? Update: The number ONE position seems to be jumping up and down. As long as I don’t drop of the first 10 results, I think I shouldn’t have to worry.

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