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    Snap Shots (formerly Snap Preview Anywhere) Plugin 1.3 is ready for download

    I have been working closely with the developers at Snap and am pleased to announce that I am ready to release this plugin within hours of the official release of the new and improved Snap Shots. In accordance with the release I have changed the name of the plugin from Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin to Snap Shots™ Plugin This is a mandatory upgrade for all users so as to be compatible with this new version. Upgrading is extremely easy, all you have to do is replace the files. I have kept the function calls the same to prevent any problems for those who have manually coded it into their templates.…

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    SPA Plugin crosses the 10000 mark

    Well, I’m pleased that my post popular release ever, the now famous Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin has crossed 10000 downloads. As of this post the number stands at 10076 which means nearly 3300 downloads of v1.2 itself in the last 45 or so days. Do you have SPA on your blog? What are your reactions to it?

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    Snap Preview Anywhere 1.2

    As promised, I have released version 1.2 of my plugin Snap Preview Anywhere. This comes as a major update to support the new settings available while customizing Snap Preview AnywhereTM. I’m pleased to note that to this date, the plugin has been download 6780. The changes are: Updated plugin for latest SPA Update You can now set options for a Link Icon, Theme, Blocks of Links behavior. Let you visitors choose if they want to enable SPA on your site or not. Display a custom logo on the bubble (needs to be configured at the SPA site) To use the plugin you still need to register for SPA and get…

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    Reported problem with SPA and WordPress on MAC

    I’ve got two reports of problems with Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin when you try to edit a post (new posts seem to work fine) with the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress on the MAC OS X platform using Firefox or Safari. I’ve also had two other reports but they have not confirmed the platform. I am not in the position to test the same as I don’t have access to a MAC. But, from my understanding of the problem, I think it to be a problem with the Post Preview that gets loaded when you are editting the post. For some reason the loading of the JavaScript is clashing with the…

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    2000 + 10 days = 3000

    Snap Preview AnywhereTM is definitely one of the new and extremely popular things to have hit the internet lately. And with the integration with WordPress.com they have definitely had a major jump in websites that will be serving SPA. For users of WordPress.org my plugin seems to be serving well. I’ve had over 1000 downloads in the last ten days and I’m here reporting that Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin has now crossed 3000 downloads within just two months of its release ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you using the plugin? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Tell me about them here or in the support forum. However, please ensure all support questions…

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    2000 downloads for SPA

    It’s been little over six weeks since I released Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin for WordPress and it has crossed the 2000 mark ๐Ÿ™‚ This is indeed my fastest downloading plugin. Being on the registration page of SPA helps ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you using the plugin? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Tell me about them here or in the support forum. Please ensure all support questions go only there.

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    Snap Preview Anywhere 1.1

    I have released 1.1 of my extremely popular Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin in responses to the changes made by Snap. Changes : Fixes for internal links as per latest SPA update Added the option to disable SPA on all links. You can add class="snap_preview" only on those links you wish to have the SPA display on. To use the plugin you still need to register for SPA and get the key. Read more & download SPA Plugin for WordPress »

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    How to find your SPA Key

    Once you register for Snap Preview AnywhereTM you receive a code which you need to add to your template. Within this code is a key= followed by a 32-character key. e.g. on this blog, the 32-character key is 31f0e1b8935c4f07cb6f1cf99bfb1521. This key is unique to your site and hence you need to register separately for each of your sites. Once you get the 32-bit key you will need to enter this into the Options page in WP-Admin.

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    Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin

    Snap released a new feature that lets you display thumbnail for links on your website. It is called Snap Preview AnywhereTM. I’ve released a plugin that makes it extremely easy for you to add the same code to your WordPress Blog. Presenting Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin for WordPress! As usual the plugin can be configured via WP-Admin. You can also let the plugin automatically add the code to the footer of your theme. All you need to do is signup for SPA, get the Key and fill it in. If you like the plugin please do consider a donation. It helps defray hosting costs. Read more and download ยป

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