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Over 500 downloads in 3 days

I pleased to say that I have had over 500 downloads my new release of the Snap Shots plugin in the last three days. This is definitely my faster and largest downloaded product ever! And to give you a heads up, there is a new release of the same coming in the next month that

SPA Plugin crosses the 10000 mark

Well, I’m pleased that my post popular release ever, the now famous Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin has crossed 10000 downloads. As of this post the number stands at 10076 which means nearly 3300 downloads of v1.2 itself in the last 45 or so days. Do you have SPA on your blog? What are your reactions

Snap Preview Anywhere 1.2

As promised, I have released version 1.2 of my plugin Snap Preview Anywhere. This comes as a major update to support the new settings available while customizing Snap Preview AnywhereTM. I’m pleased to note that to this date, the plugin has been download 6780. The changes are: Updated plugin for latest SPA Update You can

2000 + 10 days = 3000

Snap Preview AnywhereTM is definitely one of the new and extremely popular things to have hit the internet lately. And with the integration with WordPress.com they have definitely had a major jump in websites that will be serving SPA. For users of WordPress.org my plugin seems to be serving well. I’ve had over 1000 downloads

Double Death

The last few days have been rather hectic. Really slogged quite a bit for my XAT paper that was yesterday. The only break I did take was to go for two wedding masses in church on Saturday. Turned out that both the masses were inter-religious weddings; the first case the girl was non-Catholic, while it

Maybe I’m not an MBA Person!

Guess I’m getting consistent with this. Just got the NMAT results and though I hoped differently, I didn’t qualify. My score also happens to be really pathetic which is something I didn’t expect! Well, so be it. Guess, this wasn’t meant to be. XAT on Sunday and SNAP results on Monday. I hope both are

2000 downloads for SPA

It’s been little over six weeks since I released Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin for WordPress and it has crossed the 2000 mark 🙂 This is indeed my fastest downloading plugin. Being on the registration page of SPA helps 🙂 Are you using the plugin? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Tell me about them

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