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    Amway and Subway

    I mentioned two days back that me and my dad were to visit an Amway seminar. Turns out that it wasn’t Amway, but this was actually conducted by Network 21. Network 21 is a network of individuals who train you to sell the products. They are also the key people in helping you build your Amway pipeline. The mathematics of the entire Amways sales process is extremely interesting. I’m no expert in it, and I doubt I ever will be, but by cutting down the middle man Amway is able to give you the profits. So, you end up getting paid to purchase and use their products. The tier system…

  • College

    SCM Ratings and Pongal Lunch

    Began the week with a presentation in Advances in SCM on Tuesday (Monday was just another day). Our job was to rate the supply chain of any company in any sector. We chose Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. We had to rate their Inventory Turnover, Asset Turnover and Cash-to-cash cycle time to arrive at the final rating. Yesterday was Pongal, which is a festival celebrated by Tamils on the first day of Thai to mark the harvest. As part of Pongal, there was a special lunch organized with a huge variety of food, sweets etc. Needless to say I ate a good deal 🙂 Spent the rest of the day in my room…

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    A Busy Christmas Week

    Been tied down all of this week with either gallivanting or working on my technology blog. So, here is a day-by-day summary of the last week or so. 25th December It’s Christmas day. Because of the Terror Attacks in Mumbai [Photos], almost all places in Mumbai canceled their Christmas dances. Not that I went out a lot, but this time we decided to just have a quiet dinner. 26th December I had planned in advance to dedicate this day to technology shopping, which is exactly what I did. Took a trip to my vendor in Lamington Road. Picked up a DVD Writer and a 500GB WD Elements, a 6-cell battery…

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    Travel, Repairs, Changed Plans, Movie and Lunch

    Dad’s down 🙂 for another day and when he is down, we usually set out for a father-son-on-a-bike-visiting trip. This time the destination was banks. We visited five banks in the area of Andheri and Vile Parle. We also managed to grab some vadapav and sugarcane juice, both of which will be eternal favourites for any Mumbaite. I remembered that I could get my N73 repaired. The joystick button was messed up and so needed to get the entire pad changed. Dad too had lost the tiny cap of the joystick of his N73. Gave my phone for repair and spent a good five hours with an almost zero contact…

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    Blurry Blurry Eyed

    Today was one tiring day, of which I spent little time at home. Awoke nice and late (I need to start sleeping earlier) and left to meet Trupti to give her some stuff. Just as I was about to leave I realized that I didn’t have my bike. I had given it to James who will be looking after it while I’m in SCMHRD. Had to travel to his bro’s place at RNA Heights to pickup the bike and found out that he didn’t carry the helmet. So, it was back home to pickup my helmet and gloves and so reached a bit late at InOrbit. I don’t like being…

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    The Weekend Was This…

    Let me take the liberty of saying that my weekend began on Friday, which was indeed one of the longest days this week. Friday got me wandering into town in public transport. Began this journey by standing in a long queue for train tickets. Caught the Churchgate fast to get to Marine Lines. I wanted to stop by at Furtado to pick up an adapter for my Casio keyboard. The adapter for some reason went missing a while back. Did see one, but needed to reconfirm the specs. Don’t want to spend money on something that won’t work!

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    The Events of the Week

    Except for yesterday the week so far has not let me sit down and take a deep breath. I began the week by helping a friend setup her new computer. This took up both Monday and Tuesday. The only thing frustrating about both days was the travelling, which was at a snails pace for a good distance. Constructions and continuously increasing number of vehicles has resulted in horrible traffic right from Kherwadi, Bandra upto Juhu Airport. As I said, I spent all of Wednesday at home except the evening to get some documents attested, which was only a few minutes.

  • Personal

    In Orbit

    Met up with my “two year treaty” friend today. The name because I first met her two years back and now we plan to meet two years down the line! Anyway, we went to the food court InOrbit in Malad. I’ve realized inspite of the wide choice you have to pick what you want to eat, there isn’t much I would eat. After she gorged into a Subway sandwich, I decided to take one. My last experience with Subway wasn’t too good and a pal of mine has kept telling me to stick to the non-veg. Decided to do that today when I ordered the Turkey Chicken Ham & Bacon…

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