Top 10 v2.4.0

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I’ve been working on Top 10 v2.4.0 for a long time where the main focus of this release has been to get a more compatible tracker. Today, I’m happy to say that I have pushed through the release and you can now upgrade your favourite popular posts plugin as you normally would from within your WordPress Dashboard Updates screen. This version adds two new features, fixes several bugs, has cleaner code as per WordPress Coding Standards and also deprecates some functions.

New tracker

Two months back I released v2.3.2 which fixed a security issue and also required me to remove the faster performance tracker. This was needed to ensure continued hosting with and respecting their guidelines. v2.4.0 is the first step towards building an addon that will bring back the faster tracker. This addon will be available for free from this website in the near future.

For now, you have two options for the tracker. Try both to see which delivers a better performance to your site. The first uses an external .js file that can be cached by browsers. The second is the old query style format. From my testing, both have similar performance. But, do toggle between both options to see which performs better. For the brave at heart, you can also adapt this gist which is the old source code for the faster tracker.

Now you can “offset” your posts

Another very useful feature that I’ve added in v2.4.0 is the ability to offset the list of posts by a specific number. This is available via the shortcode or in the widget.

Using the offset you can now display posts starting from a different position e.g. display posts from 11 to 20 by setting it to offset to 10. It also helps if you would like to display multiple versions of the widget with different starting points.

Top 10 v2.4.0 Widget
Widget in Top 10 v2.4.0

As usual, if you’re looking for support, please create a new post in the Top 10 support forum. And, do blog, tweet and tell the whole world about this release.

Detailed list of changes in Top 10 v2.4.0

  • Features:
    • New tracker using a properly enqueued .js file. Two inbuilt options to use query variables or ajaxurl to process the counts
    • Shortcode and the widget now have an added parameter for ‘offset’. This is useful if you would like to display different widgets/shortcodes but not always start from the first post
  • Bug fixes:
    • Attachments now work with the widget and elsewhere
    • New tracker now works when jQuery is loaded in the footer
    • Don’t add tracker code when previewing in customizer
    • Doesn’t report an error if no author is assigned to a post
  • Deprecated:
    • tptn_add_tracker and tptn_add_viewed_count have been deprecated. These should no longer be needed with the new tracker option.
    • wick script in Settings page which was used for fetching category slugs. You should now use the category name (prompted automatically). Slugs will be automatically converted into names.

Top 10 v2.3.0

On Saturday, I released a new version of Top 10, my popular posts plugin for WordPress. v2.3.0 brings several new features and fixes a lot of bug. This version will be one of major releasesfor a while as I begin to develop a pro addon which should bring several new features. Of course, I’ll continue to release bug fixes and minor new features.

As usual, if you’re seeking support, please create a new post at the support forum. It is the fastest way to get support as I monitor the forums regularly. I also provide premium paid support via email.

The new tracker setting in Top 10 v2.3.0
The new tracker setting in Top 10 v2.3.0

All things new in Top 10 v2.3.0

  • Features:
    • Preliminary support for PolyLang
    • Search box and post type filter added in Admin » View Popular Posts screen
    • Link to Daily Popular posts screen under Top 10 menu in admin area
    • post_types parameter now supports comma-separated list of post types. To fetch all built-in post types use ‘all’
    • New option to use the external and more efficient javascript file for tracking
    • New function tptn_add_tracker to manually include the tracking code
  • Enhancements:
    • Viewing drafts will no longer increment the counter
    • When using the Left Thumbs style, each widget instance includes the CSS code to display the correct thumbnail size
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing DISTINCT keyword in query resulting in duplicate entries in some cases
    • PHP Notice in Widget on empty search and 404 pages
    • Incorrect notice that Contextual Related Posts is installed on Edit Posts pages
    • tptn_show_daily_pop_posts() without arguments did not display daily posts
    • Using Exclude categories returned incorrect counts and excluded non-posts
    • Incorrect count on the Admin » View Popular Posts screen causing incorrect pagination
    • Incorrect thumbnail size being pulled out in some instances
    • Multiple widget instances incorrectly used the same cache
    • Incorrect text domain was initialised

Contextual Related Posts and Top 10 updates

I pushed updates to Top 10 and Contextual Related Posts last week. The main changes are better support for WPML especially the ability to display the posts in the current post language. This could potentially cause some clashes with other plugins e.g. Polylang, which I am continuing to investigate.

Another major change is to the text domain, i.e. what the plugins have used for translations. Following the announcement of the new translation system announced by, I’ve modified the text domains to match the plugin slugsi.e. contextual-related-posts and top-10 respectively. This will eventually result in lower plugin download files and most importantly localised and better maintained languages for Contextual Related Posts in your language.

Read full details in the official plugin update post on

Top 10 v2.2.3

Following in the footsteps of Contextual Related Posts v2.2, I released Top 10 v2.2.3 with several new features, bug fixes and enhancements to existing features. This release also includes the almost-complete rebranding of Top 10 as a WebberZone plugin.

As I mentioned before, WebberZone is the new platform (or should I say revamped) platform for my WordPress development which is currently focussed on developing GPL plugins (both free and premium).

This release of Top 10 comes with a brand new interface to view the popular posts in the Admin area. It is better integrated and you can now sort the views easily across all your posts/pages and custom post types. You can continue to view the counts in your posts / pages listings as earlier.

Top 10 Admin Popular Posts View

In addition to the new admin interface, Top 10 v2.2.3 also adds an inbuilt caching system that utilises the Transients API, has an updated styles selection interface. To view complete details, please check out the official release post on the WebberZone blog.

As usual, if you got a support query, then please create a new post at the support forum. It is the fastest way to get support as I monitor the forums regularly.

Top 10 Popular Posts for WordPress v2.0.1

It’s been nearly 6 years since I released v1.0 of Top 10. What started as a simple plugin to track your popular posts and display your top posts has evolved into one of the most popular “popular posts” plugins for WordPress used on thousands of blogs today! Versions between 1.0 and 1.9.10 have added support for thumbnails, custom post types, custom styles and more.

Today I unveil the latest, the greatest and the best version of Top 10 – The Popular Posts plugin for WordPress. v2.0.1 brings long pending support for WordPress multisite, better site compatibility and tracking, a cleaner admin interface and support for addons as well as some miscellaneous bug fixes. v2.0.1 also fixes a major bug that broke sites upgrading to v2.1.

The upgrade is available for all users from with your WordPress Admin. Remember to empty your caches from plugins like WP Super Cache to ensure that the new tracking scripts are added to your pages instead of the old tracking script. If you’re using Cloudflare, I recommend activating the Cache Fix in the settings page.

Top 10 - Popular Posts for WordPress

Here is what is new in Top 10 v2.0.1.

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Top 10 v1.9.10.x

Top 10 Meta box

I pushed an update for Top 10 a few days ago which brings you some cool new features including the ability to edit counts, set thumbnails and improved shortcode options.

Following along the lines of Contextual Related Posts, Top 10 v1.9.10 brings a new meta box on your Edit Post / Page or Custom post type screen that allows you to set the custom thumbnail as well as edit the post count for the post.

Top 10 Meta box
Meta box on Edit screens will allow you to set the thumbnail and edit the post count

The meta box will use the same meta field as specified in the General Settings. If you’re using the default field name i.e. post-image and you’re using my other plugins Contextual Related Posts and Where did they go from here, then they will automatically recognise this thumbnail!

Another major change in the plugin is the use of the shortcode. You’re no longer restricted to three parameters as earlier, but all the options that can be passed to tptn_pop_posts(), which is all the settings that you can configure in the Settings page. Check out the function tptn_default_options if you’re curious for what is configurable.

The latest version of the plugin also brings the ability to turn off tracking for Editors. This is especially useful if you have a multi-user blog and Editors routinely edit posts and visit these posts.

As usual you can upgrade the plugin from within your WordPress admin. If you’re using Top 10, do consider giving it a 5-star review! If you got questions, please use the forum.

Emails and comments are not the best way to get support unless you’re willing to hire me to solve your problem related to Top 10!

Changes in v1.9.10.1

  • Fixed: Initialisation error for new installs

Changes in v1.9.10

  • New: Meta box on Edit post / page and similar screens that allow you to set the Top 10 (and my other plugins) specific thumbnail for the current post (different from the Featured thumb)
  • New: Admins can edit the number of total views (find it in the same meta box as above)
  • New: Turn of tracking for Editors
  • New: Added and to list of allowed sites for timthumb
  • New: Option to add quality settings for thumbnails created by timthumb
  • Modified: Shortcode now accepts all the parameters that tptn_pop_posts() can take. For a full list of parameters, please check out the FAQ.
  • Modified: Widget initialisation to latest standards
  • Fixed: Localisation initialisation
  • Fixed: Validation for hour and minute settings for the cron job
  • New: Several new filters allowing you to hook in an modify the output without editting plugin files
  • Modified: Reformatted code

Download Top 10 v1.9.10.1

Top 10 v1.9.9.1

A few hours back I uploaded a major release of Top 10, the top popular posts plugin for WordPress. This release adds several new features and I have hopefully squashed many pending bugs.

First of all, the admin interface has received a major overhaul. It should flow better with the rest of your WordPress interface and should be more responsive especially on smaller screens and mobile devices. I’ve also cleaned up the text on many of the options and added explanations to several of the options in a hope to address many of the repetitive questions that I have been receiving. This release also includes new shortcodes and a better maintenance program. With the new maintenance program, only entries older than 90 days are cleaned from the hits table unlike the older version where the daily counts were reset on each run.

The best new addition to this version of the plugin is the addition of a new default style for the popular posts. Top 10 was covered by WPMUDev two weeks back and this was one of the key suggestions.

Check out the detailed list of changes below. As usual, if you have a problem with the plugin, please create a post in the Support Forum. Top 10 is also on Github, so if you’re interested in submitting a patch or change do consider forking the plugin and creating a pull request.

If you’re an existing user, you should be able to update the plugin from within you dashboard. If you’ve not tried Top 10 yet, install it and you won’t switch over to any other.

If you’ve got a caching plugin like WP Super Cache, you will need to clear the cache files in order to ensure that the new plugin code kicks in.

Top 10 v1.9.9

Changes in Top 10 v1.9.9

  • New: Default style to make those popular posts a little pretty. Choose Thumbnails inline, before title under ‘Thumbnail options’
  • New: Option to disable display of counts to non-admins. Check out the option ‘Show number of views to non-admins’
  • New: Option to display different text when there are no hits on the post on non single posts e.g. home page, archives, etc.
  • New: Class tptn_posts_widget for the widgets
  • Modified: Brought back the old columns “Views” in the Admin Posts and Pages which contains both the Overall and Daily counts
  • Modified: New admin interface keeping mobile first in mind
  • Modified: Optimised widgets loading
  • Modified: Cron job will now delete entries from the daily table older than 90 days
  • Fixed: mySQL error messages due to improper escaping
  • Fixed: Plugin no longer overwrites cron schedules
  • Modified: Lot’s of code optimisation and cleanup

Changes in Top 10 v1.9.9.1

  • Fixed: Maintenance cron job error

Top 10 v1.9.8.5



Late last night I pushed through a minor release of Top 10. v1.9.8.5 which mainly contains some tweaks to make your experience using the plugin better. Now, the author name that is displayed in the list (if you choose to do so), will be the Public Name which is what you set in the Profile page.

There is a brand new function (“get_tptn_post_count_only“) that allows you to get just the count.

Changes in Top 10

  • Modified: Including the author in the list will now use the Display Name which is set under “Display name publicly as” in the User Profile page
  • Fixed: If the Thumbnail meta field is omitted under Output Options, the plugin will automatically revert to its default value i.e. “post-image”
  • Modified: Cleaner pagination when viewing the Top posts in the Admin section
  • New: Function get_tptn_post_count_only to get just the post count. Use it by passing the Post ID and the type of count (total, daily or overall): get_tptn_post_count_only($id = FALSE, $count = 'total')
  • New: Class tptn_after_thumb that wraps around all items of the list after the post thumbnail. This allows you to cleanly style all items to float to the right of the thumbnail
  • Modified: Updated timthumb

Download Top 10

Top 10 v1.9.8.3

The last update of Top 10 broke the number of days used when displaying the list of daily posts. v1.9.8.3 now fixes this bugs and also includes some other minor changes. I’ve also fixed some of the initialisation errors in the Top 10 widget.

Top 10 Widget

As usual, if you have any bugs to report, please use the WordPress Support Forums. Due to the volume of requests it is just not possible for me to entertain any support queries via comments, email or Twitter. If you’re a current user and love this plugin, do consider leaving a good review and maybe even a small (or big) donation.

Changes in Top 10 v1.9.8.3

  • Fixed: Daily count was selecting an extra date when using the widget
  • Fixed: Default settings for the widget weren’t initiated correctly in some cases
  • Modified: Admin columns of Total and Daily views will be sorted by descending order by default. Click again to sort in ascending order
  • Modified: Admin columns are fixed to 100px width by default instead of auto.

Download Top 10

Top 10 v1.9.8.2

Top 10 - Admin columns

I’ve uploaded the latest update of Top 10 and current users of the plugin should be able to see the update within their WordPress Dashboards now. This release adds a few new features that have been requested by users of the plugin.

A key feature addition is the replacement of the single column in your “All Posts” page with two separate columns for Total and Daily respectively. You can also sort the columns by highest or lowest count.

Top 10 - Admin columns

Few other changes include an option to include the author in the list item. The last update had the option to add the date and the author was the next on the list. The other changes are below.

As usual, if you have any bugs to report, please use the WordPress Support Forums. Due to the volume of requests it is just not possible for me to entertain any support queries via comments, email or Twitter. If you’re a current user and love this plugin, do consider leaving a good review and maybe even a small (or big) donation.

Changes in Top 10 v1.9.8.2

  • New: Option to add author
  • New: More options for the Widgets to configure the post lists
  • Modified: Shortcodes are now stripped from excerpts
  • New: Added to list of allowed sites that timthumb can fetch images from
  • Fixed: Counter was not always displayed on posts
  • New: All Posts / All Pages have separate sortable columns for total and daily counts
  • Fixed: Warning messages with WP_DEBUG mode ON