• Yeh Des Hai Mera

    “Nakabandi” – Terror Inhibitor or Terror Aider

    By now all of you must be aware of the Terror Attacks in Mumbai starting 26/11 [Photos]. it’s been one month since then and the actual persons behind it have still to be caught. This post isn’t about them, but actually about something that I experienced in the last two days. Yesterday, as I headed into town and today on my way back home, I got stuck in traffic that stretched for a few kilometers. Couldn’t figure out why exactly this was until I saw the nakabandi (i.e. roadblocks in Hindi) with police checking taking place. The result of this was a huge highway being halved in width and a…

  • Personal

    At Grandma’s and Gondola’s

    It has been a while that I have gone out and it sure has been a while since I visited my Grandmom, so decided to spend Wednesday at her place. As has become a trend, my internet was down in the morning (actually since the previous night) which basically meant that I couldn’t do any of my normal blogging that I had intended. Set off at 11, dropped in at the internet guys… established nothing… and then continued the journey. Travelling to Bandra is getting really irritating now-a-days because of the traffic which is same at any point of the day! Reached there after noon. Had originally intended to pickup…

  • Site Activity

    My Visitors are from USA

    Ok, not all of them, but a great chunk of them are. Alexa recently updated their Traffic Stats page to include country information as well as reach. Though I am an Indian Blogger, this blog has nearly 40% of its visitors coming from the USA. My server logs show me around 50%. I am surprised though that the number of visitors in India are only 5% and are fourth in the list of countries. Guess very few of my own country members want to read this blog! What did surprise me is the Traffic Rank which seems to be highest in Belgium at 14,000! India follows with around 16,000 which…

  • Site Activity

    16,752 – That is what I rank today!

    Since the release of my two plugins in the past two days, my site has seen a good traffic surge. Unforunately, neither of these have been dugg or redditted so far so it’s not that much. It was sufficient to get me a great rank on Alexa for today, viz. 16,752. This is the second highest rank ever (I had 13,000 once before). So would you like to advertise here?

  • College,  Personal

    Finally the Forms were Bought!

    We set out yesterday yet again to buy the XAT Forms. This is my third trip and this time we decided to not bother going to the Dadar SBI, because we found the one at Mahim. Got stuck in horrible traffic on the way there. And if the traffic wasn’t bad enough, the heat was killing. Could actually feel my skin getting burnt by the sun 🙁 We were able to reach the bank only a little before noon. And thank God for ACs! Spent more than one and a half hour there filling up and collecting eight forms! They should give us a discount for bulk purchases 😉 Next…

  • Personal,  Work

    Leaving…and the story afterwards

    We are leaving work today at 3.00pm What I wonder now is what time will I actually reach home. I’m sure my internet at home is not working, so I may post feedback tomorrow… Not only was the internet down, but also the electricity in the area was turned off. We left and I was able to get a nice picture of the skyline outside our campus as you can see on the right. (Hint: Can be used as wallpaper) The journey home was quick because there was absolutely no traffic on the roads. BEST buses had stopped plying and most people were at home. Had to walk home through…

  • Personal,  Work


    Faced traffic on Saturday and just had a repeat performance on Monday as well! After a rather irritating day at work I reached the area only around 8.30pm Decided to visit the local ATM, only to find out that it was temporarily shut for refilling! Got the bike to work today in the hope of going for Prayer Meeting, which I think I shall be able to manage today after a long long time! Have managed to got the system working after a good day of trial and error. Now next step forward…

  • Computers & Technology

    In the top 100,000!

    Just broke into the top 100,000 websites as per Alexa’s Traffic Rankings. I have been trying to achieve this for long and finally. I’m hoping this website gets a lot more popular and rises still further. Will be creating new stats pages on this site for your ready perusal.

  • Personal,  Religion,  Work

    The Week ends!

    It’s Friday evening. The end of a short week. The week just flew by so quickly I didn’t even realize. Had practice on Monday, prayer meeting on Tuesday. It was the first one for the year and began with exposure to the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration was uptil 9pm. I missed the start because of us now being left at 6.15pm from work. Don’t think I will manage getting there on time anymore! Had choir practice this evening for mass tomorrow. Had some really yummy cake after that. I really eat a lot! Must note that I have been reaching home much earlier than expected, inspite of leaving later. Guess it…

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