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    More Interviews and Tests

    Spent most of Sunday working on the Project Management presentation for Monday evening and so had to spend the little time available on Monday morning preparing for the Corporate Finance quiz. The quiz turned out to be dedicated to the time value of money which was pretty decent, so I won’t complain about that. Could have done better I guess. Tuesday usually is a light day, as is Wednesday. However, they are usually consumed in working on the new Financial Statement Analysis case or some other assignment that manages to crop up. Monday to Wednesday evenings were spent interviewing juniors for the Admissions Core Committee, the last obligation we have…

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    Check out www.scmhrd.edu

    After numerous discussions with our vendor and after tonnes of days (and nights) spent by Ravi and me, we finally released the redesigned www.scmhrd.edu on early 4th morning. Check out the Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development website. This is just the beginning and we have a long long way to go to make it just the way as we want it… perfect! Would love to receive feedback on the design etc. Other than major colour changes (which I can’t do) please do let me know what you find lacking in the site.

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    Two Nights in College

    Have spent the last two nights in college. Returned last morning at around 5.30am and this morning around 6.15am after working the night out on the new College website. Things are going good, though we should have been complete by now. Ravi joined me in the quest. Sat for two lectures today after almost two days gap; most of which was spent in front of my laptop in the Admissions room, except for breaks for food and nature and seven hours of sleep in the 48 hours. I’m zonked today and though tomorrow is the holiday for our vendor, however, we don’t have a luxury of holidays out here in…

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    I celebrated my Birthday on 16th

    Should have posted this a while back, but as usual original posts coming out of a budding MBA student can be rare. Anyway, I came down to Mumbai on 14th on college work. Our job was to interview an entrepreneur. The problem, he didn’t really have the time. So, this turned out to be a failed project, where the three of us travelled to town, took photographs of a deserted room and then headed home. Found out that Marol is now connected to Seepz by a flyover, which has cut down my commutation time by over 25 minutes. Awoke at 5.30am to leave for Pune and made it back in time…

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    During one of our lectures last week, a lively professor was telling us about his MBA life at IIMA. When asked about the tests that they followed he, as part of the conversation decribed the experience with five letters, viz. R-A-P-E-D. We got a taste of that this Saturday.

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    Site Movement…

    Have you ever moved a site from one host to another? While moving a small site can be a piece of cake, a large distributed site can be a pain in the *beep*! Now multiply that by a factor of ten and you will know what I have gone through in the past 24 hours. This was also one of the reasons I kept putting it off, but when a site’s gotta move, a site’s gotta move! I won’t go into the details about which sites I moved, but the reason that I faced so much problem was because seven of the sites were all present under one account. All…

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    Cat Bites and Form Filling

    I am going to vent in this post. So, if you don’t like me grumbling then this is where you should you leave! (But do come back)! And for those who don’t mind me grumbling… Sunday began with yet another AIMCAT. With two AIMCATs to go I will admit that I am still struggling to get the strategy correct.

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    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – His Life, All His Works and More

    Now this deserved a blog post a long long time back, but well here goes. For a few who know, I started out in the field of web design with a site on Sherlock Holmes. This was way back in 2000. Over the years, this website underwent several transformations and names. All the time it steadily rose the ranks of Sherlock Holmes websites and today is at the very top of the charts at Sherlock Holmes Web and has been there since early 2004. Early this year I got together with Melody to give the site a much needed revamp. And revamp indeed. Got rid of an ancient frames design…

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    Now PR5

    It has been a while since I had a PR5 rank on my blog. After I removed the WWW, my pagerank plummeted. The rank dropped to 3 and rose to 4 after a while. With the latest pagerank update that took place yesterday, I noticed that the rank had jumped up to 5. 🙂 I’m glad that my Donate page is still PR6, while the Donations Received page is a PR5. If you would like a link to your site on that page, you know what to do 😉

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